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John: ::zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz::
Courtknee: ::scurries off for shower::
Summer: ::zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz::
Rodney: ::hobbles about doing wedding getting ready for type things::
Courtknee: ::has super speedy shower, done! makes with quickly trying to dry hair and make it pretty::
Rodney: ::skitters in the bathroom and jumps in the shower once it's free::
Summer: ::continued zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!::
John: ::snuggle!zzzzzzzzzzzzz::
Rodney: ::dun shower, dried off makes with getting dressed, wheee!::
Summer: ::snuggle!sleep!::
Courtknee: ::still in towel and trying to do her hair::
Rodney: ::comes in, combs what hair he has left, ha ha::
Courtknee: ::scurries off in her towel to find the dress, wherever it is she stashed it::
Summer: ::sleeeeeep::
John: ::light snoring::
Courtknee: ::returns to bathroom with dress, frowns at Rodney:: You're not supposed to see.
Rodney: ::dressed and ready omfg, blinks:: You want I should leave? ::headtilt::
Courtknee: ::blink, nod:: Yes.
Rodney: ::sigh:: Yeah, ok, see you soon my pet ::nuzzle!kiss:: we're getting married! ::dorkful grin, skitters off to wait omfg!::
Courtknee: ::beams, proceeds to get her ass into the dress::
John: ::snoring progresses in loudness::
Rodney: ::waits!::
Summer: ::dead asleep as was sexed to exhaustion, booya::
John: ::rolls around a bit so is in less awkward possition, snoring ceases::
Courtknee: ::has gotten dress on, checks reflection to make sure self is cute, grabs shoes and scurries off down the hall while putting her shoes on::
Rodney: ::waits::
Summer: ::sleep::
John: ::snugglesnuggle...gropes in sleep, heh::
Courtknee: ::scurries off to...thingie, frowns at absence of Summer::
Summer: Mmmmm... ::nuzzle!snuggle!gropes in sleep, woo!::
John: ::groans, makes naughty touching in sleep::
Rodney: ::standing with clergy dude, woot::
Courtknee: ::peeks, blinkblink, frown::
Summer: ::moans, rubs against him, gropes more in sleep, oblivious to time and space::
Rodney: ::checks watch, looks around, shifting from foot to foot::
John: ::wakes up a little, smirk, makes with uber naughty touching and some kissage::
Courtknee: ::uber frown, bounce bounce bounce, looks around and peeks out at Rodney again::
Summer: ::moans, lays on back, talks in sleep:: Mmmmtakemebaby...
Rodney: ::looking around, sighs, looks at the clergyman, nervous smile::
John: ::uber!smirk, kissage:: As you wish... ::pokes her a bit trying to wake her up, but continues naughty touching::
Courtknee: ::bouncebouncebounce, frown, sigh, steps out... small wave::
Summer: ::moans, uber super!naughty touching in sleep:: mmm...Johnny... please...
John: ::nibbles her neck, kissage:: wake up... it's not good to have sex while you're sleeping, y'know...
Rodney: ::double take, beaming grin:: Hey there's my shiny girl!
Courtknee: ::small smile... nodnod:: Yes. Hi.
Summer: ::eyes flutter open, blink, sexy smile:: Hi...
John: ::smiles:: Good. And now that you're awake... ::uber super naughty touching::
Rodney: ::looks around:: Where's the dynamically slutful duo?
Courtknee: ::frown::...I don't know.
Summer: ::grins, moans arches back, uber super duper returned naughty touching, hard kissage::
John: ::SEX!::
Rodney: ::frown:: Are we supposed to wait for them, or what?
Summer: ::whoooo!::
Courtknee: ::small pout... shrugs:: we don't... have to... I guess...
Rodney: ok, so we'll go ahead and do this thing then...? ::head tilt::
Courtknee: ::small sigh, nodnod:: kay...
Summer: ::is totally sexing from the top position, notices light coming through the windows, but is enjoying his sex, sooo continues to sex::
John: ::woo!::
Rodney: ::holds out his hand, small symathetic smile:: well, c'mere
Courtknee: ::goes over and takes his hand, smile::
Clergy dude: Do you Courtknee Greene take Rodney McKay to be your husband?
Courtknee: ::smile, nod:: I do.
Rodney: ::smiles, hand squeeze::
Clergy dude: Do you Rodney McKay take Courtknee Greene to be you lawfully wedded wife?
John: ::Sexing::
Rodney: ::nod:: I DO!
Summer: ::uber sexing, woo!::
Courtknee: ::smiles, keeps self from giggling::
Clergy dude: ::does the rings thing, and all that:: I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss your bride...
Rodney: ::kissage liek whoa omg::
Courtknee: ::omfg yes!::
Summer: ::orgasm, continues uber sexage::
John: ::fuck yeah::
Courtknee: ::super uber kissage, hops up and wraps legs around his waist, cling!::
Rodney: ::grin, uber kissage:: I love you, Mrs. McKay...
Courtknee: ::smile, kissage:: I love you to, still Dr. McKay...
Summer: ::moan, groan, rough sex::
John: ::totally kicks ass::
Rodney: ::nuzzle:: Sorry your friend sucks...
Courtknee: ::nuzzle, kissage:: s'okay... not gonna let it ruin the day...
Rodney: ::grins, nuzzle!kiss:: Good, I'd blame Sheppard, he's an idiot you know?
Courtknee: ::hops down from him so he doesn't tip over, kiss, nod:: yes, he sucks... ::kiss, handsqueeze:: I shall scold them later...
Rodney: ::smirk:: That should be interesting to watch...
Summer: ::orgasm, uber cling!:: Courtknee is going to strangle me...
Courtknee: ::snuggle!nuzzle:: Yes... now, I would say cake time, but it's a tad on the early side...
John: ::yes yes, uber cling!nuzzle!kiss::...why?
Rodney: ::smirk:: Marriage concumation? ::eyebrow waggle::
Courtknee: ::smirk, kissage:: Sounds good.
Summer: ::blink:: Wedding, duh
John: ::blink:: oh yeah... huh... when's that again? ::nuzzle!kiss::
Rodney: ::picks her up and carried her back to the room, and tosses her on the bed, hops on top makes with kissing::
Summer: ::headshake:: Dawn... today... ::pointed look::
Courtknee: ::yayay! makes with uber kissage and undressing::
John: ::blinkblink... looks at window... blinks at Summer::...oops.
Rodney: ::yes with teh naked, SEX!!::
Courtknee: ::uber hawt loud sex!omg::
Summer: ::snort:: Dork... I love you ::kissage::
John: ::smile, kissage:: Love you, too, baby... ::snuggle!::
Rodney: ::secks omfg::
Courtknee: ::w00t::
Summer: ::snuggle!lick!kiss:: you're just too hot to stop sexing, even for my best friends' wedding, I suck...
John: ::smirk, snuggle!kiss!pet:: you do... but that's okay, I love you anyways... ::kiss:: She'll just have to deal...
Summer: ::nods:: I suppose... ::sigh:: Good thing I'm preggers, she wouldn't dare kill me while I have an innocent baby inside me...::snuggle, nuzzle::
John: ::snuggle!nuzzle:: Don't worry, I'll protect you... ::pet!kiss::
Summer: ::smile, nuzzle!kiss::
John: ::pet!kiss:: I love you. Would protect you with my life, even from someone crazy enough to marry McKay...
Summer: ::snort, kiss:: You rule, I love you so so much... ::nuzzle::
John: ::kissage!pet!snuggle:: I *do* rule... ::smirk::
Courtknee: ::orgasm!uber cling::
Summer: ::giggles, raspberries his neck:: Dork... sexy dork...
Rodney: ::yes, and makes with uber snuggles and kisses omg::
John: ::wrinkles nose, pulls face and shrugs his shoulder at her:: noooone of that, that tickles...
Courtknee: ::snuggle!cling!nuzzle::
Summer: ::smirks:: That's so the point... ::does it again even more, hee::
Rodney: ::grin:: wow...
John: ::makes weird noise, pulls face again and pushes her away a little:: nooo no, not cool...
Courtknee: ::smirk, kissage:: oh, wow? ::nuzzles, kisses along his jaw... because it's hot...::
Summer: ::snort:: You're uber ticklish... ::evol grin::
John: ::look of mock terror::...should I be running and hiding?
Rodney: Yes, wow, I've just made love to my wife... I have a wife!
Courtknee: ::giggle, nibbles his ear:: You do... and I have a husband... neat, right?
Summer: ::eyebrow waggle:: Be very afraid! ::raspberries his neck again repeatedly::
John: GAHH! ::falls off bed:: Ouch! ::pout::
Summer: ::giggles:: Awww, sorry baby...
John: ::pouts at her:: No more tickle!
Rodney: ::grins, nods:: so neat...
Courtknee:::snuggle!pets:: I love you.
Summer: ::snikers:: Sorry baby
John: ::continues pout, gets back into isn't nice. Not at all.
Rodney: I love you, more! ::nuzzle!pet::
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