Courtknee (courtknee) wrote in dream__outloud,


Summer: ::sex::
Rodney: ::annoyed by loudful sex::
Courtknee: ::hides face in pillow::
John: ::sex liek whoa::
Courtknee: ::scoots over and cuddles again::
Rodney: ::cuddle:: your friend sucks...
Summer: ::uber sex!::
Courtknee: ::snuggle!nuzzles:: I'm sorry, baby... ::pet:: wanna try and give 'em a run for their money? ::smirk::
John: ::suck yeah::
Rodney: ::blink:: don't tease, it's not nice... ::eyebrow raise::
Courtknee: ::necksuckage:: no teasing, love...
Rodney: ::stare:: Seriously?
Courtknee: ::smirk:: Why would I tease you?
Rodney: You're sadistic...?
Courtknee: ::giggles, naughty touching:: You *are* really adorable when you get all flustered...
Rodney: ::eyebrow raise:: Swear you're not teasing me? ::so getting turned on omg::
Summer: ::moan, makes rougher, louder secks::
Courtknee: ::nibbles ear, more naughty touching:: most probably... ::evil!smirk::
John: ::shit yes::
Rodney: ::blink, kissage, naughty touching:: Better not be messing with me...
Courtknee: ::giggles a little, kissage:: nope, not at all...
Summer: ::orgasm! continues to ravage him relentlessly::
John: ::also continues... nearly falls off the bed::
Summer: ::secks::
John: ::yes::
Rodney: ::secks, how 'bout that::
Courtknee: ::w00t, uber loud secks, even::
Rodney: ::Huzzah!::
Summer: ::quicks position change, oops falls off bed, makes harder on the floor secks, woowoo!::
John: ::YAY!::
Rodney: ::overdoing it with moaning in sad attempt to outdo John, haha::
Courtknee: ::notices this, proceeds to just kiss his mouth more and hope it'll quiet him down::
Summer: ::loud moanage, harder, faster secks::
John: ::is so a winner::
Courtknee: ::orgasm!cling::
Rodney: ::yup!::
Courtknee: ::snuggles!nuzzles:: I love you... ::kissage:: so much...
Summer: ::uber!moan!seckses more::
John: ::is an effing machine::
Rodney: I love you too... ::kissage, blinks at moaning:: oh no damn way...
Courtknee: ::giggles, pets:: Do not worry about them...
Rodney: ::snuggle, pout:: He teases me...
Courtknee: ::sits up a bit and raises an eyebrow at him::
Rodney: ::blink:: what?
Courtknee: ::giggles, falls over on bed and snuggles::
Summer: ::orgasm!loud as hell moan!clings for dear life::
John: ::uber!cling!omg::
Rodney: ::snuggle!pet:: You're teasing me now too?
Courtknee: ::giggle, nodnod:: It's fun...
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