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Courtknee: ::sleep!....drool::
John: ::sleep!...snore::
Rodney: ::sleep, SNORE!SNORE!::
Courtknee: ::whiny noise, rolls away from him and hides face in a pillow::
Summer: ::snuggle!sleep::
Rodney: ::S N O R E !!!::
John: ::totally forgot to set the alarm, forgot they needed to get up earlier, big loser::
Courtknee: ::hides under pillow::
Summer: ::sleep!oblivious, snuggle in sleep::
John: ::snuggle!nuzzle!snore!sleep::
Courtknee: ::smacks Rodney with Roy the stuffed Octopus, continues to hide under pillow::
Summer: ::snuggle!moan!nuzzle! dreaming about sex, moan!nuzzle!gropes in sleep, moan::
Rodney: ::blink.....blink... frown:: Hey!
John: ::wakes up a little, was dreaming of candy and unicorns, though he'd never admit it, blinks a bit:;....hmm...?
Courtknee: ::continues to stay under pillow::
Summer: ::sleep!moan!grope:: mmmmJohnnyGodYesmmmm...
John: ::blinkblink, awake, smirk::.... really...? ::pokes her shoulder::
Rodney: ::frowns, rolls over:: meeeeeen. ::closes eyes omfg::
Courtknee: ::muffled under pillow:: You snore!
Summer: ::sleep!wiggle, moan:: mmmmmGodmmmmJohn...
John: ::blinkblink, pokepoke:: Summer....? Wanna wake up and have real sex....?
Rodney: ::grumble:: I do not...
Courtknee: ::mumble:: loudest snoring I've ever heard!
Summer: ::slowly opens eyes, Hi... ::snuggle!::
Rodney: ::sits up, glare:: No...
John: ::smirks at her:: hi, you... ::snuggle:: sleep well?
Courtknee: ::still hiding:: Yes-huh!
Summer: ::cute grin and happy little sigh at dream memory, nods:: Mmmm-hmmm... I did, thank you... ::snuggle!wiggle::
Rodney: Nuh-uh... I do not snore!
John: ::snuggle!nuzzle!kiss:: I heard as much...
Courtknee: do too!!!
Summer: ::blink...grin:: Did you now..? ::snuggle!nuzzle!petwiggle::
Rodney: I do not!
John: ::snuggle!nuzzle!grope:: I did...
Courtknee: Do too!!!
Summer: ::squeal!snuggle!nuzzle:: I was talking in my sleep again? ::lick!grope::
John: ::smile, kissage!grope:: You were...
Rodney: I so don't!
Courtknee: Yes, you do. Loud. It wakes me up every night!
Summer: ::grin, lick!kissage:: What did I say? ::naughty touching::
John: ::uber naughty touching, kissage:: it was mostly moaning... which is hot...
Rodney: ::frown:: no I dont... noone has ever said I snore... ::pout::
Courtknee: ::peeks out at him:: Last time you were in a possition for someone to have been able to tell you you snore?
Summer: ::small moan, uber naughty touching, grin, lick!bite:: Is it really..?
Rodney: ::frown:: shut up...
John: ::nuzzle!lick!kiss, naughty touching:: It is... sex?
Courtknee: ::sigh:: Fine. ::rolls over and pulls blanket over head::
Summer: ::nod, lick!bite! grope!:: God...yes...
John: ::smirk, climbs on top and totally makes early!sex::
Rodney: ::blink:: I uhhh... shit, Court, I'm sorry... I'm grouchy
Summer: ::w00t!early!sex::
Courtknee: ::hmphs, stays under blanket::
John: ::damn right::
Rodney: ::facepalm:: C'mon....
Courtknee: You do snore...
Rodney: ::sigh:: Im sorry...?
Courtknee: ::rolls over and peeks out at him, pout::
Summer: ::orgasm!makes rougher secks omfg::
John: ::hell yeah, with the loudness::
Rodney: ::hears, frown:: Awwwwwww Gaaah... Do they never stop! ::grumpy::
Courtknee: ::sigh, pulls blanket back over head::
Summer: ::loud moaning, cuz John can sex like noone's business, makes rougher more intense secks::
John: ::w00t!::
Rodney: ::pout, grumble:: Damn him... slut...
Courtknee: ::curls up, tries to go back to sleep::
John: ::secks::
Rodney: ::frown:: Fine... ::rolls over, tries to sleep::
Summer: ::secks!yay::
Courtknee: ::rolls back over, snuggles::
Rodney: ::blinkblink:: You're not mad?
Courtknee: ::shakes head, snuggle:: No... a little frustrated, but you can't help that you snore...
Rodney: ::turns and snuggles:: still gonna marry me?
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss, nod:: Of course... snoring alone will not stop this marriage...
Summer: ::uber loud and intense orgasm!moaning and all that::
John: ::fuck yes! cling::
Rodney: ::wrinkles nose:: Good lord... I swear he'll kill her one day...
Courtknee: ::giggle, snuggle:: Don't worry about them...
Summer: ::cling! breathless:: .....::licks sweat off his neck, omfg new fetish I'm such a perv::
John: ::smirks, kissage liek whoa:: I love you.
Rodney: ::snuggle:: Hard to not worry about them, when we can hear them in here...
Courtknee: ::snuggle:: try and tune it out, love... ::pet::
Summer: you... ::kissage!cling::
John: ::kissage liek whoa!cling!nuzzle::
Rodney: ::snuggle!nuzzle:: I'll try...
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss:: Good. ::snuggle,yawn::
Summer: ::snuggle!lick!kiss:: More sex? ::cute nose crinkle, headtilt::
John: ::smirk, kissage:: If you'd like...
Summer: ::nodnod:: I would... yes. ::lick::
John: ::kissage liek whoa:: sweet... I ever tell you I love you?
Summer: ::smirk, lick!kiss:: You have... and now I'm gonna make you scream it... ::climbs on top and makes hot secks::
John: ::fuck yes, loudness::
Courtknee: ::snuggle!cling!doze::
Rodney: ::snuggle!cling!nuzzle!doze, as I can take a hint omg::
Courtknee: ::sleep!....drool::
Rodney: ::sleep!oblivious!snore::
Courtknee: ::blinkblink... frown::
Rodney: ::sleep!::
Courtknee: ::rolls away, curls up::
Summer: ::makes hard!rough secks, loud!!::
John: ::super loud omfg::
Rodney: ::blink, flail, frown:: I hate them...
Courtknee: ::sigh, frown:: Sorry...
Rodney: ::sigh:: Not your fault...
Courtknee: ::uber frown, rolls over and hides face in pillow:: my head hurts...
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