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John: ::had been providing you with sex::
Courtknee: ::grabs IPod, turns on Space Oddity, flops back on bed and sighs::
Summer: ::has orgasm, cling and neck suckage omfg::
John: ::orgasm! click!lick!kiss::... dizzy?
Rodney: ::snuggles up, pets, tries to talk over the ipod:: Sweetie... I'm sure it'll work out... I can try being nice... I apologized to Sheppard... maybe that'll help?
Courtknee: ::nodnod, pet:: I hope so...
Summer: ::shakes head, cute grin, lick!kiss:: Nope, not at all... ::liar::
John: ::snuggle!kissage:: You lie like a rug...
Rodney: I promise to try harder... just would help if SHeppard wasn't permanantly attached to her...
Courtknee: ::small frown:: that's just them, I guess...
Summer: ::wrinkles nose all cute like:: Yeah... but it's not too bad, I swear... ::nuzzle::
Rodney: That's what I told him... ::mumble:: freaking jerk try to tell me I cant please a woman in bed...
John: ::kisses tip of her nose:: If you continue this, I may have to withhold sex... lying isn't nice... ::pet:: and you need to rest, anyway, y'know...
Courtknee: ::raises eyebrow::...tell you what now?
Summer: ::nod:: Yes darling... ::blink:: you wouldn't dare withhold sex... ::raises eyebrow:: would you?
Rodney: Huh?... oh, Sheppard, he was just trying to verbally emasculate me...
John: ::smirk:: Only if I had to.... do I have to? ::pet::
Courtknee: ::smirk, headtilt::...really?
Summer: NO! ::blink:: ummm... no... I'll take it easy... promise. ::pet::
John: ::chuckles, kissage:: You should eat.
Rodney: ::huffy:: Thinks cause they dont hear us in the throws of passion that I cant deliver in bed.
Courtknee: ::small smile, pet:: Awww, baby, he trying to tease you with his loudness...?
Summer: I should... and you brought lots of food, you rule! ::nuzzle::
John: ::kissage:: Yeah, the cooks are pretty stingy about those potatoes...
Rodney: ::pout:: Yes... he's mean
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss:: I'm sorry, sweetie... ::sits up, picks up her sandwich and proceeds to eat::
Summer: They are! It's annoying really... I'm pregnant, our baby needs carbs to grow healthy, damn them...
John: ::grin, nodnod:: yes, they do, which is why you should eat...
Rodney: He's just a jerk... why does your best friend have to be screwing my CO? ::uber pout::
Summer: ::nods, sits up:: ok, food time then...
Courtknee: ::shrug, eat:: She thinks he's hot... she and I never had similar taste in men, though...
John: ::picks up her tray of food and sets it on her lap::
Rodney: Thank God for that... pffft, he's really an ass. I'd hate to think of you fawning over such a nit
Courtknee: ::snort, continues eat:: Sure...
Summer: ::eat:: I should pick out something to wear tomorrow when I'm done with the yummy food... aren't you hungry baby? ::headtilt, eat::
John: ::grabs a turkey sandwich off her tray, nodnod, smirk:: You need to find something to wear...?
Rodney: ::sighs:: You feeling any better baby?
Courtknee: ::small smile, nodnod:: Bit of a headache, but better... food makes better...
Summer: ::nod:: Well, Court's wearing one of my white dresses... it's shiny and fancy, so I cant exactly go dressed like a scrub... it is a wedding afterall.
John: ::blink, headtilt:: Yeah, but how fancy a wedding can it be...?
Rodney: ::smiles:: Good... after food, what shall we do? ::headtilt::
Courtknee: ::shrugs:: I dunno, day off...
Summer: ::shrug:: doesn't really matter, y'know... a girl wants to feel pretty on her wedding day, even if the setting isn't that fancy, and I'm a girl, so I like to feel pretty whenever possible... our uniforms are kindof drab and dull... ::wrinkles nose, eat::
John: ::blinkblink::... well, I have nothing to dress up in, but you can make yourself feel as pretty as you'd like ::kiss:: I think you're pretty no matter what. :;eat::
Rodney: naked snuggling?
Courtknee: ::smirk, finishes up sandwich::... *more*?
Summer: Just wear one of your shiny uniforms... ::grins:: and thank you sweetie... we'll see if you still think so when I'm a bahemuth in a few months... ::makes a face::
Rodney: ::blink:: well... it's enjoyable... isn't it?
John: ::kisses:: You'll be beautiful. Trust me.
Courtknee: ::nodnod:: Yes, but that's all we've done today...
Summer: Yeah... if you say so... ::kissage:: Bet you stop wanting me in three months time... ::eat::
John: ::eat:: Bet I won't...
Rodney: ::shrugs:: Then, suggest something....
Courtknee: ::shrugs:: I dunno...
Summer: ::smirk:: Hope not... cause the libido only increases as the horemone levels shift... ::eat::
Rodney: I dunno either... ::frowns, flumps back on the bed:: Meh.
John: :;raises eyebrow:: Increases from now? Really? Sweet.
Courtknee: ::lays head on his shoulder:: I have a portable DVD player and some DVDs I smuggled... :;smirk:: We could naked snuggle and watch anime...
Summer: ::nodnodnod:: Mmm-hmm... I'll be wearing you out baby...
John: ::big smirk:: Even sweeter... McKay was bitching about us earlier...
Rodney: ::headtilt:: you smuggled DVD's and a player? You rule! ::pet::
Courtknee: ::grin, kiss:: Damn right I rule. ::scurries over and pulls out DVD player and FMA DVD, hehe, hops on bed::
Summer: ::giggles:: Oh, was he now? What have we done now?
John: Apparently we're too loud... I made an observation that we never hear them, he got all offended... it was kinda funny...
Rodney: ::smirk:: I thought we agreed to be naked? ::eyebrow raise::
Courtknee: ::smirk:: Oh, yes, right, the naked... ::gets up, proceeds to slowly undress self::
Summer: ::snort:: You did not? omfg, you're mean... God how I love you... ::nuzzle:: Can we have loud obnoxious sex after food is done? I was thinking of having some shower sex... your neck should be healed up enough for that... ::evil smirk, eat::
John: ::big grin, enthused nod:: Yes, shower sex sounds fun... as loud as we damn well please...
Rodney: ::stare, drooling practically, perv::
Courtknee: ::nekkid! giggle, dives under covers::
Summer: ::big grin:: Mmmm, fuck yeah... ::eat, beam::
John: ::grin:: You're poor friend, she's gonna marry that guy... he was so defensive, pretty sure I touched a big nerve...
Rodney: ::makes naked quickly, daives under covers:: so what are we watching here?
Courtknee: ::makes with putting on DVD:: Fullmetal Alchemist.
Summer: ::headshake:: Be nice, she loves him, dont think it matters to her if he's not that great in the sack... I wonder if she misses Major Davis... ::thoughtful look:: He was shiny...
John: ::blink:: Major Davis?
Rodney: whu? ::headtilt::
Courtknee: ::smirk:: it's anime. It's good. Pretty pretty cartoon boys... ::blinkblink::... Except Fullmetal himself, he's kinda young...
Summer: ::blink:: yeah, they had a *thing* ...
John: ::blink...blink::....Major *Paul* Davis?
Rodney: ::blinks lots:: ooookay... ::snuggle::
Courtknee: ::big smile, snuggles and engrosses self in FMA omfg::
Summer: ::nodnod:: One and the same... we had a drug induced threesome once... ::evil smirk, haha had to get the threesome in there somehow so why not Paul, heh::
John: ::blinkblink....stare::....drug induced threesome?
Rodney: ::snuggle, confused stare at screen::
Courtknee: ::makes a squee when Hughes rambles to Roy about his daughter omfgomfgomfg::
Summer: ::blink:: Yeah... he was off on some thing with SG-1, got some alien pheremone drug type thing from some Goa'uld's lab spilled on him... also happened to wrench his ankle fleeing from impending doom so he came for PT... ::shrug:: so, yeah... ::shrug::
John: ::blinkblink:::......huh.
Rodney: ::blinkblink....blink::
Courtknee: ::snuggle, oblivious to his confussion::
Summer: They were alredy doing it anyhow... it was odd, enjoyable, but odd.... Davis seemed to enjoy it... more than anyone... ::blink::
John: ::blink::....huh. ::headtilt:: ..............Major Davis.
Summer: yeah..... so you know him, hmm? ::headtilt::
John: ::makes a face and waves his hand:: Kinda, met him once... didn't much like him...
Summer: It never happened again... at least with me, he and Court, yeah... ::blink:: do you hate me now?
John: ::makes face:: noooo no no... it's just kindof odd.... alien drug enduced sex...
Rodney: ::stare, more confused blinkage:: Is there a point to this?
Courtknee: ::blinks up at him:: Of course there is! Ed and Al were very talented young alchemists, and then they're mother died and they tried to revive her through human transmutation and it went horribly wrong... ::proceeds to pander on about the plot of the show and how it contains all the emo of a thousand Dashboard Confessional albums... plus cute cartoon boys::
Summer: ::nodnodnod:: The SGC always has odd shit like that happening, Dr. Jackson was once a sarc. whore.... ::blink:: and Carter and On'Neill both had Tok'ra symbiotes in thier heads... and Jonas had a brain tumor that gave him precognative abilities due to genetic manipulation by the Goa'uld... soooo, not as odd as one might think, just another day at the office. ::blink::
John: ::blink::...huh.
Rodney: ::blink......blink.....stare::
Courtknee: ::kisses his cheek, snuggles back to watch::
Summer: ::blink:: what?
Rodney: ::snuggle!watch::
John: ::headtilt:: Nothing. Just sounds........kindof scary. We're probably gonna get stuff like that here, huh?
Summer: ::nodnod:: Probably, although, the Goa'uld don't seem to be here, so maybe not to the extent of things at the SGC, but could get interesting...
John: ::blink:: We have Wraith.
Summer: Yeah... but they only seem to be eating you type aliens... ::blink::
John: ::frown::
Summer: why are you frowning? ::eyebrow raise::
John: ...we're gonna have a baby with people-eating aliens coming after us
Courtknee: :;falls asleep::
Summer: ::blink. frown:: oh my God.... ew.
John: ::sigh, snuggles::
Rodney: ::blinks at her, continues to watch b/c omfg wtf?::
Courtknee: ::mumbles about Hughes in sleep...::
Summer: ::snuggles:: so, I guess you've lost interest in sex now...
Rodney: ::blink, frown::
Courtknee: ::...also mumbles about Roy... big cartoon boy sex::
John: ::snuggles:: I'm gonna protect our child, y'know. No being eaten by aliens for him. ::blink:: Or her.
Rodney: ::uber frown and ego deflation::
Courtknee: ::snuggles, sigh, sleeeeeep::
Summer: ::snuggle:: I know you will baby, I know... ::snuggle!cling::
John: ::snuggle!pet!kiss:: I'll protect you, too...
Rodney: ::lays there sortof stiff, feels like crap, haha::
Summer: ::kiss!cling:: Protect yourself as well... we need you to be okay...
Courtknee: ::sleep!::
John: ::nodnodnod, kiss!cling:: Oh course... protect me... and also you...
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