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Summer: ::kisses the tip of John's uber cute nose:: bring meat... and potatoes... and more pudding... and a veggie or two... and BUTTERMILK omfg! ::giddy::
Rodney: What'cha want baby? ::handsqueeze::
John: ::grins:: Okay... maybe I should try a little bit of everything, hmm? ::kiss::
Courtknee: ::small smile, shrug:: A sandwich, anything... and tea. ::nod::
Summer: ::nodnodnod:: mmkay... ::grin, kiss:: Love you...
Rodney: ::nod:: You got it sweetheart. ::smile, kiss:: back in a jiff...
John: ::kiss, pet:: Love you, too...
Courtknee: ::nodnod:: m'kay... and make sure there's some form of a sweetener in my tea this time... ::smirk::
Summer: ::smile, pet:: hurry back sweetie...
Rodney: ::sheepish:: Sure love... sorry... ::handsqueeze, heads out to the hall::
John: ::kiss:: Damn right. ::grin, turns and leaves::
Courtknee: ::small sigh:: Silly man...
Summer: ::smirk:: Working on the husband training? ::snerk::
Courtknee: ::small smile, nod:: Yep, trying to perfect his method or tea preparation...
Rodney: ::walking, all pissy that he has to apologize omg:: Look, uh, aboot the things I said the other day... I was an ass, and if I did any damage to your... *thing* with Summer... I apologize... ::nose wrinkle::
John: ::blink, raises eyebrow:: Uh-huh... ::shakes head;: Right, no, it's fine...
Summer: ::grin:: Aaah, yes... you and your tea. Sooooo... ::dresses... gets up a little quick... sits quick, dizzy omg:: oy...
Courtknee: ::frown, scurries over to help!omg:: Ahhh, slowly, concussed lady...
Rodney: ::cough, shift, awkward:: Yeah, so we heard... repeatedly... ::pulls a face::
John: ::blink::....... huh? ::clueless doof::
Summer: ::stands sloooolw, small smile:: Yeah... I keep forgetting... so, dresses... ::walks slowly to closet, opens it up everything all put away neat and tidy cause I say John did this while she napped cause, yeah::
Courtknee: ::scurries over, headtilt::... you did overpack for the trip... ::blink::
Rodney: ::blink:: The uhhh... bedroom goings on... you two are a little... vocal...
Summer: ::shrug:: what can I say... I like clothes...
John: ::blink, headtilt, smirk:: And you can hear all that?
Courtknee: Obviously... ::wrinkles nose:: So, what do you think's wedding material...?
Rodney: ::blink:: Yes... and frankly... it sounds like you're murdering her half the time... it's very, very loud...
Summer: ::picks out a couple white dresses, holds them up:: these are nice... have yet to wear them...
John: ::bling, big smug smirk:: Huh. Never hear you two...
Courtknee: ::grin, picks the littlest of them, heh:: How 'bout this one...? ::headtilt::
Rodney: ::wrinkles nose, frowns:: Yeah... well... we're not exebitionists...
Summer: ::big grin, nod:: Oooo, I like that one, try it on! ::girlie giggle::
John: ::raises an eyebrow at him as he walks into the commissary::... you're sure that's what it is?
Courtknee: ::scurries into bathroom, big dorkus, proceeds to try on dress::
Rodney: ::blink, headtilt:: What is that question meant to imply?
John: That's open for interpretation... :;goes over for food items omg::
Summer: ::sits on the edge of the bed still a little dizzy, waits::
Courtknee: ::wanders out in pretty pretty dress, wheee, girly!moments::
Rodney: ::gets a tray, frowns:: You're saying I can't get the job done in bed?
Summer: ::huge grin, clap clap:: OMG, you look sooooooo pretty! ::hops up, ignores teh dizzy, hugs omg::
John: ::loads up on oodles of food for the pregnant lady, shrug:: I dunno, is that what you think I said?
Courtknee: ::hugs, blink:: .....o....kay... so this is good then? ::small smile::
Rodney: ::blink:: Oh it so is... I don't fuck like some people, I make love... I can get the job done.
John: ::nodnod:: Of course, I'm sure you do...
Summer: oh yeah, you look great! pretty!shiny! ::big grin::
Courtknee: ::blinks down at self, blushes a little:: so... wanna go with this one? And... skip trying on other ones?
Rodney: ::blink:: I do... Court just isn't like Summer ::insulting tone::
John: ::frowns at tone, blinks at him::...that so?
Summer: ::blink:: Try the others! ::grins tosses the next one over::
Courtknee: ::smile, goes into bathroom to try on that one, then::
Rodney: ::smug, annoyed about having to wait for tea:: Yes.
Summer: ::waits::
John: ::still loading up on food, having issues with commissary guys and potatoes:: Summer and I just happy to enjoy sex, there's nothing wrong with that.
Courtknee: ::returns wearing new dress, blinkblink::...I think I liked the other one better.
Rodney: Court and I enjoy sex... we don't have to make a public display of it... or act like a couple nymphos...
Summer: ::wrinkles nose, nod:: Me too, one more though... ::toss:: then you'll know for sure...
John: ::pulls face:: We don't act like nymphos... ::blink::...*all* the time...
Courtknee: ::nodnodnod, scurries into bathroom again::
Rodney: Do you guys like even converse? Cause from the sound of things... all you do is screw... ::raises an eyebrow:: You do know all that will end when the baby comes...
Summer: ::waits omg::
John: We converse... and yes, I know that... ::blink, small frown::...and there will be projectile urine and green poo on cloth diapers which we will need to wash...
Courtknee: ::returns, blink:: I dunno...
Rodney: ::pulls a face:: Jesus Sheppard... food and baby poo do not go together!
John: ::gets potatoes, wrinkles nose:: Sorry... ::walks away, as has all the items he came for::
Summer: ::headshake:: First one is the winner...
Courtknee: ::smile, nodnodnod:: Yes, I think so, too... ::suddenly giddy::... I'm getting married!
Rodney: ::feels ill, gets the tea and heads back, lagging behind intentionally omfg::
Summer: ::nodnod, grin:: You are!!
Courtknee: ::squee, scurries back into bathroom to return self to normal clothing::
John: ::gets to room, knock knock:: Everyone decent?
Summer: ::blinks at the door:: Yes! come in baby
Rodney: ::right behind him, booya::
John: ::smile, enters with oodles of food:: Hi!
Summer: ::grin:: Hi hot guy!
John: ::brings food over to her:: I come with the food items you requested...
Rodney: ::walks in behind, small grin:: Hi sweetie, did you find something shiny?
Courtknee: ::in bathroom still:: Yes!
Summer: ::grin, kissage, ass grab:: You're so good...
John: ::grin, kissage:: damn right, I am.
Rodney: ::small sigh:: I uhh.. got food and tea for you
Summer: ::nuzzle, PDA, haha::
Courtknee: Thanks, baby! I'll be right out, okay?
John: ::uber PDA, heh::
Rodney: ::sighs, looks away from the two sluts:: yeah... sure hun...
Courtknee: ::taking a long damn time in the bathoom, snooping::
Summer: ::super duper uber PDA, hee::
John: ::damn right::
Rodney: ::uncomfortable, shifts from foot to foot::
Courtknee: ::returns:: Tea?
Rodney: ::nodnod:: Yes, tea and sugar...
Courtknee: ::smiles at him, ignoring insane PDA, takes sip of tea and smiles:: Good job, sweetie.
Rodney: ::small smile: Thanks... ::half whisper:: do we have to eat with them?
Courtknee: ::smirk, shakes head:: Not if you don't want to.
Rodney: ::makes a face:: I really dont want to...
Summer: ::PDA, la la::
John: ::yup yup::
Courtknee: ::nodnod:: Okay, that's fine, hun... :;walks over, tries to be polite:: Um... we're gonna go... ::small frown::
Summer: ::blink, looks up, pout:: I thought we were gonna have a little picnic...?
John: ::continues nuzzle::
Courtknee: ::small smile, shrugs, quiet:: Rodney's kindof uncomfortable...
Summer: ::more pout, shoots him a glare:: Fine... guess I'll see you tomorrow... at your wedding unless the groom will be too uncomfortable with our pressence...
Courtknee: ::small frown:: I'm sorry... thanks for the dress, though...
Summer: ::nod nod:: welcome... ::uber pout::
John: ::ear!nibble::
Courtknee: ::nodnod:: I'll see you tomorrow, then... I hope your head feels better...
Rodney: ::shift::
Summer: Thanks... see ya soon ::small wave, little giddy giggle from ear nibble::
Courtknee: ::small frown, nod:: Right... ::turns and leaves off to own room::
John: ::makes kissage liek whoa::
Rodney: ::with!:: God, they're so... icky with the sex and the touching...
Courtknee: ::small pout, nodnod, sits down on the bed::
Summer: ::kissage, and naughty touching::
Rodney: ::blink:: what's wrong?
John: ::smirk, kissage and naughty touching::...thought you were hungry?
Courtknee: ::shakes head, sips tea:: nothing, I'm fine...
Summer: Sex first... food later... ::lick!kissage!naughty touching::
John: ::kissage liek whoa, makes with nekkid:: Sex is good... ::makes sex::
Rodney: ::sets tray down, sits beside her, snuggle:: it's something... come on...
Summer: ::yay sex!::
Courtknee: ::snuggle, small smile:: It's nothing... I just don't think Summer likes you... ::blink:: ...even more than before...
Rodney: ::frown:: I don't like her... so, we're even I think... ::blink::
Courtknee: ::frown, sigh:: Figures...
Rodney: ::blink:: I'm sorry, she's not very friendly and she's like a fourth apendage to Sheppard's...
Courtknee: ::frown:: It's just... she's my best friend... and after tomorrow, you're going to be my husband... you're my two favorite people, and it sucks that you don't get along...
Rodney: ::sigh, snuggle!pet:: I'm sorry sweetie... she's not nice, she's sleeping with Sheppard and I think his assishness is rubbing off... I havent had a chance to see a nice side of her...
Courtknee: ::snuggle:: She is nice... I promise... you just gotta get to know her, I guess... I never had to get to know her, though, y'know? We were tiny little infants together...
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