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John: ::kissage, headtilt::....are you wanting sex again?
Summer: ::smirk, nuzzle:: uh-huh... you dont have a problem with that... do you? ::naughty petting::
John: ::smirk, kissage:: only if you promise you're head doesn't feel too wonky...
Rodney: ::smirk, nuzzle:: skipping work is nice... plus I have underlings to make sure nothing explodes, and you have Summer... when she's not screwing Sheppard...
Courtknee: ::snuggles, traces little designs on his chest::...or injured, as she is now... ::wrinkles nose all cute::
Summer: ::smile, nuzzle, kiss:: not too wonky, promise... ::lick::
Rodney: ::smile, kiss:: damn you're pretty... and mine, and I never thought I'd have a pretty girl in love with me, ever...
John: ::grin, kiss!lick!bite:: If you say so...
Courtknee: ::small pout:: aww, sweetie.. ::pet, kiss:: you saying the Neil Diamond tribute band never brought in groupies? ::smirk::
Summer: ::lick!kiss!bite! makes sex!::
John: ::makes not-too-hard sex!::
Rodney: ::blushes again:: No... but I had a lot of guys giving me their numbers... ::wrinkles nose:: Huh... odd that.
Courtknee: ::giggles, you *admit* that you were in one...? :;raises an eyebrow::
Rodney: ::blinkblink, pout:: Hey you tricked me!
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss:: I did! I am clever.
Rodney: ::eyes her:: You are... I have to be on guard around you... ::snuggles, tickles:: Evil woman!
Courtknee: ::squeeks, scoots away from him:: nononono tickling!!
Rodney: ::tickle!kiss:: oooohyes!
Courtknee: ::squeels, jumps out of bed and scurries into bathroom, shuts the door::
Rodney: ::stays in bed chuckling:: Ok, ok, I'll stop... just come back!
Courtknee: ::pokes head out:: promise?
Rodney: ::nodnod:: Promise ::crosses his heart::
Courtknee: ::small smile, steps out, blinkblink::... swear?
Rodney: I swear baby... ::nod:: no more tickling...
Courtknee: ::slowly walks back over, giving him the not be lying...
Summer: ::orgasm! rolls them over so is on top, makes rough fast hard sex, w00t!::
John: ::uber w00t!::
Rodney: I'm not baby... you can trust me....
Courtknee: ::gets back in the bed, blinks at him::....kay.
Rodney: ::pet, snuggle:: See... my word is my bond...
Courtknee: ::snuggle!nuzzle:: I hold you to that...
Rodney: ::nuzzle!kiss:: you do that... ::naughty touching::
Courtknee: ::kiss, grin:: what? That I haven't gotten dressed yet today isn't enough, now you want sex...? ::evil!smirk, headtilt::
Summer: ::orgasm!cling:: Mmmmm... I love you...
Rodney: ::nodnod:: yes...
John: ::orgasm!cling!pet:: I love you, too, baby... ::kiss:: Head okay?
Courtknee: ::small pout:: What if I don't want sex...? What if I just enjoy the naked snuggling...?
Summer: ::small nod:: mmmhmmm... ::nuzzle::
John: ::snuggle!pet:: Really, or are you just saying that so I won't worry...?
Rodney: ::pout:: I guess that is ok too...
Summer: ummm... little of both... ::wrinkles nose::
Courtknee: ::grin, nuzzle:: It is okay...
John: ::small frown, nod:: Right, yeah... no more being on top for you
Rodney: ::small sigh:: yeah... kay... ::snuggles::
Courtknee: ::grin, neck suckage::
Summer: ::snuggle, kiss:: but I like it on top... but, I just plain like it soooo...
Rodney: ::blinkblink:: what'cha doin?
John: ::grin, kiss:: yes, but when you're on top you go fast and hard, and I imagine that would be even worse for the head, soooo...
Courtknee: ::smirk:: nuthin'... ::continues neck suckage, lets hands take a journey south, heh::
Summer: ::small pout:: true... I guess I'll just let yuo do all the work... for now
John: ::smile, nuzzle:: yes, and then you'll get better soon and we can go as hard and fast as you'd damn well please
Rodney: ::eyes widen, blink:: I thought we were naked snuggling....
Courtknee: ::smirk:: we are, currently... ::proceeds in extremely naughty touching and continues neck suckage::
Summer: ::grins:: sounds like a plan baby... at least until I end up fat with the baby in my tummy and you never want to touch me again... ::pouts::
Rodney: ::shifts, cough:: Uuuhhh Court.... ::squeaks::
John: ::smile, kiss:: I'm sure I'll want to touch you... I hear there's this... pregnant glow women get, and that it's kinda hot... ::blink:: I also heard that from very strange people, soooo...
Courtknee: ::continues::...hmm?
Summer: ::smile!kiss:: you're so cute... I think I'll keep you... ::pet!snuggle::
John: ::big smile:: Really? You think so? ::snuggle!::
Rodney: ::squeaky voice:: you're uh, going waaay beyond snuggling here...
Courtknee: ::necksuckage, small laugh:: Am I? ::proceeds kissing down his chest and lower...::
Summer: ::beams at him:: Oh yeah... you're shiny and all mine, cause I'll make violence against those who dare try and take you from me... ::wrinkles nose cutely::
John: ::grins:: I feel special! Will there be a cat fight with Dr. Weir in the future? ::headtilt, smirk::
Summer: ::nodnod:: she gives me any shit about you and you're damn straight...
John: ::grin, thoughtful look::....will there be mud, or possibly Jello-O involved?
Rodney: ::sighs and trembles::
Courtknee: ::proceeds in making blowjob, heh::
Rodney: ::enjoy!::
Summer: ::gives a look:: You're enjoying this a little too much Mr. man... ::nuzzle!kiss::
John: ::grins:: No, I'm serious... that would be kindof hot... especially since it would be over me...
Summer: ::rolls eyes:: You're a dork... I don't see Lizzy doing much besides being a total bitch verbally
John: Jell-O?
Summer: ::headshake:: 'fraid not... sorry
John: ::small sigh, snuggles:: That's okay, so long as I still get to have you...
Summer: ::beaming smile, snuggle!cling:: You'll always have me... ::kisses::
Rodney: ::dun the orgasm::
John: ::kisses, cling:: ...That makes me very happy, you know.
Courtknee: ::dun swallows, kisses way back up and resumes necksuckage::
Summer: ::kisses, nuzzle, pet:: It makes me happy to make you happy...
Rodney: ::doofy grin:: wow...
John: ::smile, kissage:: I make you happy, then?
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss:: You alright, my love?
Summer: You do! ::kissage liek whoa:: I love you so much...
John: ::big smile, kissage::... I love you, too. ::nuzzle:: This is... just a nice feeling...
Rodney: ::smile, nodnod:: Oh yeah... quite alright...
Courtknee: ::beams:: Good! ::snuggle!cling::
Summer: ::snuggle, nuzzle:: It is... you act as though it's a new experience... ::headtilt, pet::
John: ::snuggle!kiss:: It is... it's a whole new thing, and it's nice...
Rodney: I love you...
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss:: I love you, too, baby ::pets::
Summer: ::snuggle!kiss:: I'm glad you like it... makes me feel like I'm doing something right...
Rodney: ::kissage liek whoa dude::
John: ::smile, kiss:: You do everything right... you're amazing...
Courtknee: ::kissage liek whoa, headtilt::...what was that for?
Summer: ::happy sigh, snuggle:: you are too, and our baby will be amazing cause he or she has you as their daddy... lucky kid...
Rodney: ::snuggle, smile:: Do I need a reason?
John: ::smile, snuggle:: They'll have an amazing mother, too. ::kiss:: Best one in this galaxy at least, I'll bet.
Courtknee: ::snuggle!cling:: Nope... ::pet::
Summer: ::blushes, kiss:: I'm sortof glad you played with McKay's little naqudah generator and made it go boom, we might have never got together... ::blink:: just don't do it again... kay? I don't want you to get injured worse... ::nuzzle, kisses::
Rodney: I just love you, all the reason I need. ::kissage::
John: ::smile, kissage:: Promise.
Courtknee: ::smile, snuggle:: You the best ever...
Summer: good! ::snuggle!nuzzle:: I just thought of something...
Rodney: ::kisses:: No... you are...
John: ::pet:: Oh?
Summer: There are no disposable diapers here... ::wrinkles nose::
Courtknee: ::smile, kissage:: You're the bestest most prettiest boy in the whole universe... ::nuzzle::
John: what do we do?
Rodney: ::blink:: That's a lie, but a sweet one... you're the shiniest prettiest woman in the universe... and that is the truth... ::kissage!pet::
Courtknee: ::kissage, pet:: I would never lie to you.
Summer: We have to use cloth diapers... and wash them... ew ew...
John: ::frown::....EW!
Rodney: ::kissage liek whoa:: you should have Carson check your eyes... I love you ::grin, pet::
Summer: ::nodnod:: better hope we dont have twins... ::blink::
Courtknee: ::blink, headtilt, dead serious::...why should he check my eyes? I see fine.
John: ::makes face:: Oh god... green poop... everywhere...
Rodney: ::blink, snort, kiss:: I love you...
Summer: ::wrinkles nose:: Ewwww...
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss:: I love you, too.... still don't get why I need my eyes checked...
John: And then there's also the possibility of projectile pee...
Rodney: ::nuzzle!snuggle:: Nevermind baby... it's not important... ::cling!::
Courtknee: ::cling!nuzzle:: If you say so... ::kiss::
Summer: okay... negative much? ::snuggle!pet::
John: Baby feces is not nice...
Rodney: ::snuggle!kiss:: I do... so... any plan for the rest of our lazy day? ::raises eyebrow::
Summer: Yes, not nice, but babies are cute and cuddly and will grow up to take care of us when we are old and frail...
Courtknee: ::snuggle!nuzzle:: I dunno... we should maybe get dressed eventually... go see our BFFs and see if they know what's going on... and there's still the possibility of my trying on dresses...
John: ::smirk:: Yes, and we can get back at them when we're all old and senile and pooping our pants in old folks diapers...
Rodney: ::smile, nuzzle:: sounds okay to me... though, y'know Sheppard is so not my BFF...
Summer: ::giggles:: omg, gross!
Courtknee: ::smirk, kiss:: give it a few years, baby...
John: :;smirk:: Maybe we'll eventually get back in touch with Earth and they can ship some Depends...
Rodney: ::kiss:: yeah, yeah...
Summer: ::snort:: okay... no more talk of poo... it's not sexy, it's gross and disturbing
Courtknee: :;small sigh:: So... clothes?
John: ::smirk:: Some people think it's sexy.... creepy, gross and disturbing people, but still...
Rodney: ::sigh, small nod:: sure... I suppose...
Summer: ::wrinkles nose:: Do you know these people, and if so I want names so I may mock...
Courtknee: ::nuzzle!kiss:: mm'kay... ::gets out of bed, proceeds to locate some clothing and dress herself::
John: ::grin:: I don't know them personally, but I've heard story... is that what a fecalpheliac is?
Rodney: ::ditto::
Courtknee: ::dressedful, scurries into bathroom to made self pretty::
Summer: ::wrinkles nose more at that ugly word:: Uh, dunno, don't wanna...
John: ::blinkblink, nod:: Yeah, you're probably right..... how did we get on this subject now?
Rodney: ::dressed, looks like... Rodney, heh::
Courtknee: ::all prettied up, comes out of bathroom:: okay, ready to be social?
Summer: baby poop... ::makes a face::
John: ::nod:: Ah, right... well, I guess it's just part of being a parent, huh?
Rodney: ::nodnod:: yeah... guess so... ::shoves hands in pocket::
Courtknee: ::smile, grabs his arms, drags him out and down the hall to Shep and Sum's room, she knows which one he picked because I say so, knock::
Summer: ::nods:: yep... ::blinks at door::
Rodney: ::dragged::
John: ::frowns at door::...we have visitors?
Summer: would seem... ::pout:: I'm happy and naked, if it's Liz, it's war...
Rodney: maybe they're sexing...
John: ::frown:: oh shit... ::blinks at door:: WHAT!?
Courtknee: ::blinkblink::...ARE YOU HAVING SEX!?
Summer: ::blink:: NO!
John: ::blink::
Rodney: ::sighs::
Courtknee: ::headtilts at Rodney:: See? No. ::blinks at door::... ARE YOU DECENT!?
Summer: ::blinkblink:: NO! ::looks at John:: can you get me my robe sweetie pie?
John: ::sigh, gets up and goes and brings her her robe... and grabs some pants for himself as well::
Rodney: ::wrinkles nose::
Courtknee: ::frown::....CAN YOU PLEASE BE DECENT!?
Summer: ::glares at door:: GIMMIE A DAMN SECOND, GUH! ::puts on robe, snuggles back under covers::
John: ::gets his pants on, hops under covers and snuggles her:: I don't like your friend anymore.
Courtknee: ::frown:: FINE!
Summer: ::snuggle!pet:: you be nice... ::kiss:: OKAY, WE'RE DECENT, COME IN!
Rodney: ::rolls eyes::
John: ::small sigh::
Courtknee: ::grabs Rodney's hand and squeezes:: Be nice, okay? ::opens door and drags him inside::
Rodney: ::nods and is dragged::
Courtknee: ::smile, wave:: Hi!
Summer: ::wave, grin:: Hi!
John: ::blinks at Rodney, nods at him::
Courtknee: ::smile:: So, hear you had a little accident... take it you're feeling okay, though
Rodney: ::nods, blinks at John::
Summer: Yeah... ::points to bandage over left eyebrow:: I fell out of bed... I'm concussed! ::cute grin::
Courtknee: ::wrinkles nose:: Yes, but from what we can hear all the way in our room that has not slowed you down any... your damn noisy...
John: ::smirk:;
Summer: ::grin:: What can I say.. John's got amazing mad skills in the bedroom...
John: ::uber!smug grin::
Rodney: ::pulls a face:: don't need to know that ::sing song voice::
Courtknee: :::smirk, gives Rodney an odd look:: Oh shush... ::looks back to Sum:: So, wedding's at dawn... you can still make it, right?
Summer: ::blink, nodnod, blink:: yeah... where at?
Courtknee: ::headtilts up at Rodney:: What did we decide, Balcony 2?
Rodney: ::nods:: Yes, the unsullied balcony... ::glares at John"::
John: ::still with his big smug smirk, wrinkles his nose a little::
Courtknee: ::nodnod:: Right, yes, so, balcony 2, at dawn....
Summer: ok... sure... still need a dress? ::blinks, snuggles her Johnny::
John: ::snuggle, forehead!kiss::
Courtknee: ::blink:: Well, sure... if you're not too busy or anything...
Summer: I'm off work for a few days, so no business... we're just, y'know being snuggly and y'know coital... ::blink:: so, I have time... ::grins::
Courtknee: ::blink, nod:: Oh, right... so... when?
Rodney: ::makes an 'ew' face::
John: ::smirk, proceeds to nuzzle::
Summer: now works... we can send these two to get us some lunch and we can eat out on the deck when they get back... ::cute excited little grin::
Courtknee: ::smile:: Ohhh, lunch sounds nice...
Rodney: ::sighs::
John: ::quits nuzzling, blink::
Summer: ::pets John:: You're baby is hungry....
Courtknee: ::blinkblink, looks up at Rodney, small smile::
John: ::snuggle!kiss:: Alright, I'll get the two of you some lunch... anythink you'd like?
Rodney: what would you like sweetie?
Courtknee: A sandwich... anything will be good. And tea. Ohhh, and Jell-O.
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