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John: ::carries Summer out onto the balcony, which he hadn't even realized they had until she mentioned it::
Courtknee: ::unpacking...::
Summer: ::kissage!lick! & groping all the way::
John: ::grin, leans her up against the railing for danger!sex::
Rodney: ::unpacking!::
Summer: ::yay!danger!sex::
Courtknee: ::unpacks all her underwear, hums some random Japanese song...::
John: ::totally hard danger!sex::
Summer: ::fuck yeah! loudest moaning imaginable::
Rodney: ::blink, raises eyebrow:: Oh ewwww...
Courtknee: ::blinkblink, looks at him, frown:: What?
John: ::hehehe, kicks ass::
Rodney: Don't tell me you dont hear that? ::makes a face::
Courtknee: ::small frown, was humming and is now not, blinks and listens::....huh. Told you. ::smirk, continues unpacking::
Summer: ::orgasm!:: Harder! ::lick!bite!grope!cling!::
John: ::yup, makes totally harder danger!sex!::
Rodney: ::frown:: They couldn't keep that y'know, inside? ::wrinkles nose::
Courtknee: ::smirk:: Aparently not... ::pulls out her Ipod, goes and digs out little speakers for it I say exist because they have those for little portable CD players so why not? and turns on spiffy Japanese music to drown out sex noises, goes back to unpacking::
Summer: ::orgasm!::
John: ::yes, loudly! cling::...tired now? ::grin::
Rodney: ::greatful of music, unpacks:: They're gross
Courtknee: ::smirk:: They're in love.
Summer: ::headshake:: uh-uh... ::lick!kiss::
John: ::big grin, kissage liek whoa::...ideas?
Rodney: We're in love... we don't do that like that... ::blink, unpack::
Courtknee: ::smirk, unpack:: We could... that's just their way of showing it
Summer: ::think:: Ummm... closet?
John: ::grin, kissage:: 'kay! ::picks her up and proceeds to go and find the closet, heh::
Rodney: You want to behave like ...that? ::headtilt::
Summer: ::lick!bite!kiss, cling::
Courtknee: ::grins:: I didn't say I wanted to, I just said we could. It's their thing, ours isnt quite so... ::blink, headtilt:: sexually enthusiastic. Which is nice, I think... ::unpack::
John: ::finds closet, tries being suave and sexy while getting it open while continueing to grope lick and kiss, eventually gets it open and pulls her in::
Rodney: ::smirk, nods:: Fair enough... ::unpack:: I like our sex... our sex is sweet and nice. And not show-offish
Courtknee: ::smile, nods:: Exactly. We don't need to have sex anywhere and everywhere regardless of who sees or hears, and I like it that way.
Summer: ::pulled in, grope!lick!nuzzle!kiss!bite!::
John: ::closet!sex::
Rodney: ::smiles:: Me too, I love you, see we're perfect for eachother
Courtknee: ::beams:: Of course we are. ::goes over and kisses:: And that is why we are getting married.
Rodney: ::kiss, pet:: We are, two days, can't come fast enough...
Courtknee: ::smirk, kiss:: Less than 2 days, actually... ::pet:: And we still don't know where...
Summer: ::yay! for closet!sex, orgasm! continues hard sex::
John: ::hell effing yes::
Rodney: balcony number 2? ::headtilt::
Courtknee: ::smile:: Balcony at dawn... ::kiss:: Pretty.
Rodney: ::kiss:: yes... not as pretty as you...
Courtknee: ::blush, kiss, goes over to finish unpacking:: You like to make me turn all pink... ::wrinkles nose::
Summer: ::orgasm!cling!snuggle!:: Love you...
John: ::orgasm!cling, kissage!nuzzle:: Love you more... :;smirk, kiss!bite::
Rodney: ::smile, unpack:: I do, you're shiny when you blush...
Courtknee: ::smile, blushes more, grabs a pillow off the bed and throws it at him:: Quit that!
Summer: ::lick!pet!kiss:: Nuh-uh ::nuzzle!lick!bite!::
John: ::cling!bite!kiss:: Yeah-huh... ::kissage liek whoa::
Rodney: ::evil grin, throws pillow back at her:: Shiny girl!
Courtknee: ::throws it back, mock glare::
Summer: ::kissage liek whoa:: Nope... ::nuzzle!lick!kiss::
Rodney: ::mock glare:: Oh it's on... ::stands and scurries toward her making a menacing face, trying not to laugh::
John: ::grin, leans back from her a bit and pets, looks in her eyes::...yep.
Courtknee: ::shrieks and jumps over bed, ducks behind it::
Summer: ::beams, kisses him, happies omg, cling!::
John: ::cling!nuzzle::... I win!
Rodney: ::dives over the bed:: I'm gonna get'cha... ::laughing::
Courtknee: Nu-uhh!!! ::scurry!crawls as fast as she can across the floor to other side of bed again, grabs her stuffed octupus to use as weapon::
Summer: ::hug!cling!pet:: You're the best...
John: ::smile, kisses:: not as good as you.
Rodney: ::crawls after her:: Oh there's no escape... you're mine woman...
Courtknee: ::giggles, proceeds to beat on him with stuffed octopus::
Summer: ::smile, clings liek whoa:: God, you make me so happy...
John: ::clings, pets:: You make me happy... ::blink, headtilt::... wanna leave the closet now, love? ::kiss!pet::
Rodney: ::is beaten, laughs hysterically, tickles her unmercifully::
Courtknee: ::squeels and giggles, tries to push him off:: Quit it quit it quit it!!!
Summer: ::nodnod, nuzzle:: Yes, the closet is tiny and dark, and makes it hard to see your handsome face... ::kissage!cling::
Rodney: Uh-uh... ::tickles more, raspberries her cheek::
John: ::smile, kissage, picks her up and carries her back out and lays her on the pet, lays next to her and pets:: I love you...
Courtknee: ::squeel, grabs him and kisses him::
Summer: ::snuggle!pet, smile:: I love and adore you... ::caresses his cheek::
Rodney: ::kisses liek whoa, pet::
John: ::smile, snuggle!kiss:: Not as much as I love and adore you... and now you're mine. ::smirk::
Courtknee: ::pulls away a little, headtilt, smile::...I get to marry you.
Summer: ::grin, nods:: I am... totally and completely... ::snuggle!kiss::
Rodney: ::big grin:: I get to marry you... how lucky am I...?
John: ::smile, kisses, yawns...frown:: Oh damn you.
Courtknee: ::smile:: Pretty damn lucky. ::kisses his nose and sits up, picks up her stuffed octopuss and tosses it onto the bed::
Summer: ::blink, headtilt:: whu?
John: :;frown:: You made me tired.
Rodney: ::blink, stands up:: How much more unpacking do you have? Cause I am done... ::walks over and flumps on the bed::
Summer: ::blink, smirk, pet:: Oh you know you enjoyed every exhausting minute of it...
Courtknee: ::smile, sits down on edge of bed:: I'm pretty much done... :headtilt, it pajama time?
John: ::big smile, kisses, pets:: I did... I don't want to sleep, though.
Rodney: ::nodnod:: Yeah... ::yawn:: think so love...
Courtknee: ::smile, pets, leans over and kisses:: 'kay! :;gets up, goes and grabs some of her newly unpacked clothing, and scurries into bathroom::
Summer: ::smile, nuzzle kiss:: And what did you wanna do, my love? ::headtilt, pet::
John: ::kiss!pet!snuggle:: I dunno... what do you wanna do...? ::smirk::
Rodney: ::heh, lazy, strips down to his boxers and t-shirt, leaving his clothes on the floor, lays down again, hehe::
Summer: ::smirk, kiss:: Want me to give you a blowjob before bed? ::innocent smile::
Courtknee: ::returns from bathroom wearing tiny little black and pink tshirt and tiny little plaid boxer shorts... AKA pajamas! hops on bed next to him, smile:: Hi!
John: ::blinkblink, smile::...okay!
Rodney: ::smile, snuggle!:: Hi! ::nuzzle::
Courtknee: ::snuggle!kisses:: You left your clothes on the floor.
Summer: ::kiss, lick!bites down his body, totally goes down on him::
John: ::effing w00t!::
Rodney: ::kiss!pet!snuggle:: I did... ::kissage::
Courtknee: ::kiss, smirk:: Rule one of living with a girl - dirty clothing is to be put in an appropriate place, i.e. not the floor.
Rodney: ::smirk, kiss:: I will make a mental note of that... ::pet!kiss::
Courtknee: ::smile, snuggle!nuzzle:: Good... because, we will probably be having quite a few fights in the future over dirty socks or something on the floor, it's a thing couples are required to do, as I understand it...
Summer: ::does deep throat action cause guys love that::
John: ::enjoys... loudly::
Rodney: ::smirk!kiss!pet!nuzzle:: I believe it comes with the territory.... ::snuggl!nuzzle::
Summer: ::is damn good omfg!::
John: ::totally does orgasm omfg, completely exhausted rule...
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss, grabs her octopus and also snuggles it::
Summer: ::swallows, lick!kisses up his body, snuggle!nuzzle:: thank you baby... sleepy? ::nuzzle!kiss::
John: ::smile, nod, kisses liek whoa:: I love you.
Rodney: ::giggles at the octopus, kiss:: Night night time my shiny one?
Courtknee: ::nodnodnod, snuggle:: yup. ::kisses::
Summer: ::kissage liek whoa! snuggle!cling, big smile:: I love you too John, night baby... ::kisses::
Rodney: ::snuggle!pet!kisses:: I love you. ::smile!pet::
John: ::smile, kiss:: Good night... ::puts a hand on her belly, nuzzles::...both of you.
Courtknee: ::yawn, snuggle!kiss:: Love you, too.
Summer: ::smiles, snuggles tight against his chest, happies, dozes::
John: ::snuggle!cling, sleep!::
Rodney: ::snuggle!kiss:: Night, love. ::forehead kiss, closes sleepy eyes::
Summer: ::snuggle!cling!sleep::
Courtknee: ::snuggle!cling!sleep:;
Rodney: ::yup::
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