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Rodney: Why am I the bad guy? ::blinks lots::
John: I'll show you bad guy f you don't keep your mouth shut...
Courtknee: ::big frown::
Summer: ::frowns over the whole thing, trying not to get overly emo over the thought of John seeing her as a sex toy, hurt definitely showing::
Rodney: All I did was quote you... you gonna lie and say you didn't say it? ::on an a-hole roll::
John: Why? So you can make yourself feel better because you're too fucking incompetent to handle any kind of pressure on this little relationship you've started?
Rodney: ::scoff:: I can handle it Sheppard... I actually made a real commitment, unlike some people... I'm not afraid of the relationship at all, I dont like screaming poop machines, thank you very much. Congrats on wrecking your life by the way...
John: ::growl, sits up, is sure to keep himself covered up sufficiently:: I haven't wrecked my life. Contrary to what you may think, I love this girl. And... okay, yeah, the baby idea hasn't entirely set in yet, but I know it's going to work out fine, better than fine, because I love her and I love our baby. ::blinkblink:: What the hell am I doing, I don't need to prove anything to *you*...
Summer: ::blinks lots, looks at Court, uber uncomfortable with the whole damn display::
Courtknee: ::uber frowns at Summer, thinks she may have to drag Rodney away in a minute...::
Rodney: Well, I don't have to prove or explain myself to you either... so, there...
John: ::blink:: Fine!
Courtknee: ::blink::
Rodney: ::blink:: Yes, Fine!
Summer: ::blink::
John: ::blink:: Yes...
Courtknee: ::headdesk::
Summer: ::wrinkles nose, frown::
John: :;turns to Summer... small smile::
Summer: ::sighs, small smile, walks up pets his cheek:: love you...
Rodney: ::goes over to Court:: Sweetie?
John: ::takes her hand and kisses it, looks in her eyes and smiles:: I really do love you. Don't question that, okay?
Courtknee: ::looks up, glare::
Summer: ::smiles, nods:: I know, I wont...
Rodney: ::blink:: What? Why am I the bad guy?
Courtknee: ::glare, headdesks::
John: ::smile, kisses:: I should probably get some pants on again...?
Summer: ::small nod, hands him his pants, grinning:: yup... ::looks at Court, frown:: Court, it's ok... I'm not mad... at *you* anyway... ::glares at Rodney::
John: ::turns around and proceeds to get his pants on::
Rodney: ::twitch:: God, when did I get designated the supreme asshole?
Courtknee: ::looks up at Summer and nods, glares at Rodney again:: Because you're being a supreme asshole.
Rodney: ::frown:: Y'know, I was trying to defend you, and I get this shit... I'm going back to our room... I don't need anymore goddamn stress today...
Courtknee: ::glare:: Fine.
John: ::pulls his shirt on, blinkblink::
Summer: ::blink, frown::
Rodney: ::pout:: Let me know whan I'm allowed out of the doghouse... ::leaves all huffy like::
Courtknee: ::glare:: FINE! ::headdesks::
Summer: ::frown, goes over, patpat:: What the hell is going on?
Courtknee: Nothing.
John: ::frown::
Summer: ::frown:: Ummm... ok...
John: ::sits down at Summer's desk and plays with a pen again::
Summer: ::goes over and sits on his lap:: Come on Court... out with it, what happened?
Courtknee: Nothing happened
Summer: ::raises eyebrow:: Uh-huh...
John: ::pets his Summer, snuggle!::
Summer: ::snuggles her Johnny:: you're still getting married, right?
Courtknee: Probably.
John: ::blinkblink, small frown::
Summer: ::blink:: just... probably?
Courtknee: I guess so.
Summer: ::frown:: oy...
John: ::frown, pets::
Summer: This isn't still cause I got pregnant, is it? ::headtilt::
Courtknee: no
Summer: you wanna talk about it?
Courtknee: No.
Summer: ::sigh:: ... you want to be alone?
Courtknee: ...not really.
Summer: ::looks at John, sighs:: you wanna go talk to him?
John: ::frown::...No.
Summer: ::frown:: Y'know... stress is not a good thing for a person with a baby in her tummy...
John: I don't even like the guy and you want me to go have a talk with him?
Summer: I... don't know. ::uber frown:: Court... you wanna go talk to him?
Summer: yes...?
Courtknee: ::blink::...we're supposed to be working
Summer: ::rolls eyes:: it's a half hour till quitting time... fuck it... go talk to him... show John where the big rooms are, I'll sit here and be bored senseless...
Courtknee: ::frown::...okay...
John: ::blink::
Summer: ::kisses John:: pick a nice room... one big enough to have a toddler running around, kay? ::small smile::
John: ::small smile, kiss:: Absolutely.
Summer: ::pets, gets off his lap:: you two no fighting... kay?
John: ::pet, kiss:: Love you.
Summer: Love you. ::nuzzle::
Rodney: ::is all pissy, tinkering with a naquadria reactor::
Courtknee: ::takes John and scurries off with him to where the big rooms are::
John: ::you bet, goes to pick out a room::
Courtknee: ::goes into own room, frown::
John: :;totally finds a good room, w00t, scurries back to PT room::
Rodney: ::mumbling annoyed:: stupid Sheppard and his stupid sperm...
Summer: ::totally doodling his name and her own name with his last name, has ipod on::
Courtknee: ::frowns at him::...hey.
John: ::grin, taps her shoulder::
Rodney: ::uber frown:: Come to yell at me?
Courtknee: ::frown:: No. ::goes and sits on the bed::
Summer: ::jump, blink, takes off headphones:: God, scare me to death... that was fast...
John: ::grins:: Wasn't hard to find a nice big room...
Rodney: ::sigh:: thought you had work?
Courtknee: ::shrug:: We get off soon... Summer insisted I come talk to you
Summer: ::smiles, covers her paper with files:: yeah? good... I'm almost done here, sooo...
John: ::smirk:: sooo... want me to start moving stuff, then?
Rodney: Oh? huh, pretty sure she hates me... odd thing to insist...
Courtknee: She wanted Major Sheppard to come talk to you, but he does hate you, so that was out
Summer: ::nodnod:: yeah, gonna pick up from your massage and I should be free to go... ::stands goes over to clean up the table::
John: ::nodnod:: Cool, I'm get the stuff from my room moved, meet you back here to move your stuff and show you to the room...?
Rodney: Great... he's gonna let me get killed y'know...
Courtknee: Probably. ::lays down::
Summer: ::nodnod:: Sounds like a plan babe... ::kiss::
John: ::kiss, grin:: Cool, I shouldn't be very long... ::kiss::
Rodney: ::gets up walks over, pets:: Look, I was trying to defend you... Sheppard is a jerk...
Summer: ::kissage, pet:: okie... hurry baby...
Courtknee: ::frowns at him, scoots away a little:: You didn;t have to do it by hurting my best friend.
John: ::grin:: I'll hurry. ::scurries off to move his shit::
Rodney: I wasn't trying to hurt her... and she seemed fine, still fawning over the asshole...
Courtknee: ::glare:: Bullshit, you weren't. That's exactly why you said the things you did in front of her, there was no reason for any of that.
Summer: ::cleans up ans sits back down, more doodling and junk::
John: ::dun carried his crap and placing it out of the way until unpackedness::
Rodney: ::frown:: I'm sorry... it was more about getting back at him... thought it'd hurt him if she dumped his whorish ass...
Courtknee: It was stupid. It was a place you didn't need to go and was completely unneccessary, you were an asshole.
John: ::scurries back to PT room!::
Rodney: ::blink:: I'm sorry, you want me to apologize to *her* I will...
Courtknee: You should.
Summer: ::doodle ans singing "straight up" cause paula abdul amuses me::
John: ::headtilt, taptap::
Rodney: ::sigh:: I will... I'm sorry, ok?
Courtknee: Sure.
Summer: ::blink, jump, pout, takes off headphones:: Dude, stress/baby... ::cute glare::
Rodney: ::pets:: Are you ok?
John: ::small smile, pet:: I didn't mean to stress you... but if I suddenly appeared in front of you I doubt it would have been much better.
Courtknee: ::glare:: I'm fine.
Summer: ::small smile, stands, kisses:: true... so roomness?
Rodney: ::pout:: Are not...
John: ::smile, kisses:: Yes, roomness. Shall we?
Courtknee: ::sighs and rolls over::
Summer: ::nodnod:: Yes, and then we make sex all over it...
John: ::smirk:: We *so* do.... first, your *old* room, gotta move your stuff, still...
Rodney: ::frown:: so... you breaking up with me then?
Courtknee: It's a possibility.
Summer: ::lick!kiss:: lets do that then... ::ass grab::
John: ::jumps, grin:: Sweet... ::grabs her hand, scurries off with her to her room::
Rodney: ::sigh:: Great... just great... good thing we didn'y unpack then... :: gets up, kicks a box of his stuff::
Courtknee: ::rolls over again, frown:: Don't.
Summer: ::scurries, gets her junk, scurries up to new big room, yay::
John: ::helps carry junk and shows her too room! yay::
Rodney: Don't what?
Courtknee: Don't kick things.
Summer: ::goes in shiny new room, big giddy grin:: It's... huge!
Rodney: Oh I'm sorry any other orders to bark at me?
John: ::big grin, sets stuff down:: Big enough for little ones?
Courtknee: ::glare, sad
Summer: ::nodnod:: yeah... you realize you just said that plural? ::stare, smirk::
John: ::even bigger grin, nodnod:: it was intentional. So, you like?
Rodney: ::blink:: Look, I dunno what you want here?
Courtknee: ::frown:: Join the club.
Summer: ::beams, pounces, kiss:: Yes! ::kissage:: It's perfect... and I love you.
John: ::smile, kissage:: I love you, too... and, just in case you were wondering, I saw your friend go into the room 2 doors down... so, either that's their room, or she was playing avoidy...
Rodney: I think you don't like me... you like the idea of who you think I am... but not the real me... ::uber frown::
Courtknee: ::frown::...the idea...?
Summer: ::sigh, kiss:: I hope they work it out... she's loved him a loooong time... and he makes her sickeningly happy... when he's not being a total douche...
Rodney: Yeah... anytime I'm my grouchy self, you get all... weird and glarish... and that is just how I am... and you dont like it...
John: ::blink:: He's a total douche most of the time, you know...
Courtknee: I don't like it when you're mean to my friends... ::blink:: friend. Or me.
Summer: ::sigh:: well, she loves him... so, I just want them to work it out...
Rodney: When was I mean to you? ::douche::
Courtknee: You keep getting all snappish over stupid shit. It shouldn't be a big deal, but I don't like it.
John: ::snuggles:: They'll be fine, they're retarded for eachother.
Rodney: But... I've always done that... ::blinks::
Summer: ::snuggle, kiss:: you're right... ::nuzzle:: soooo, you want more babies someday?
Courtknee: ::frown, sigh:: Maybe you're right. Maybe I don't like you. I've just had this idealic version of you in my head the past few years, and maybe you're nothing like him. What the hell am I supposed to do?
John: ::kiss, smirk:: If I like this one and he doesn't projectile pee on my face a lot when I change all of the diapers you said I'd be changing...
Rodney: ::frowns, looks at the floor:: ... I knew it was too good to last... nobody likes me... ever... ::hangs head, goes out on the balcony::
Courtknee: ::frown, gets up and goes out to the balcony::... Rodney...
Summer: ::smirk, kiss:: again with the he, hmmm? ::pet:: Fair enough though...
John: ::smirk, kiss:: Girls don't projectile pee, right?
Rodney: ::uber frownfulness, looking out at the water:: It's ok, y'know, I'm used to it... I just forgot my pension for driving people away... I let myself think I could actually be happy like other people...
Courtknee: ::frown:: You can be... we can be... I really do like you, y'know, wouldn't be anywhere near you if I didn't.
Summer: ::giggle, nod, kiss:: Nope, girls dont... poop however... ::wrinkles nose::
John: ::blinkblink, frown::...girls can projectile *poop*!?
Rodney: ::sigh:: but you want me to change, I'm old and set in my ways... I don't know if I can...
Summer: ::snort, nod:: All babies can... it's gross...
Courtknee: ::small smile:: I don't want you to change... I just need to get used to you... ::walks over, pet:: You've been nothing but sweet to me... except when you get in your little moods, then you're like a PMSy lady.
John: ::blinkblink::.....ew.
Rodney: ::pout:: I'm not a lady... or PMSy... I'm McKay-y... ::blinks::
Courtknee: ::small smile:: Right, of course, not a lady, got it... ::pet:: but I do like you... love you, even, wouldn't have agreed to marry you otherwise...
Summer: ::giggle:: yeah... I'll teach you tricks for not letting that happen... ::kiss:: promise...
John: ::smile, kissage:: I don't want to be pooped on.
Rodney: I love you too ::pet:: I don't mean to be a jerk... honest... I'd be really heartbroken if you left... ::frown::
Summer: ::kiss, pet:: No one does babe... ::kissage::
Courtknee: ::pet:: I know you don't mean it... and I'm not going to leave, wasn't really seriously entertaining the idea...
John: ::kissage liek it odd I want to have sex after discussing baby poo?
Rodney: ::hug!cling:: Oh thank god... you scared the hell out of me...
Courtknee: ::hug!clings:: Sorry... I'll try not to do it again, okay?
Summer: ::lick!kiss:: Nope... unless we're both weird, which is entirely possible...
John: ::grin, kiss!grope:: I think we are both weird anyway, but the baby poop has nothing to do it with...
Rodney: ::cling!:: okay... ::kiss:: cause I'm old you know, my heart could stop...
Courtknee: ::kiss, small smile, pet:: You're not *that* old...
Summer: We are... ::lick!grope!bite!kiss::
Rodney: ::smirk:: kay... ::blink:: soooo... make up sex? ::raises eyebrow::
John: ::kiss!grope!lick:: So... where first? ::wiggles eyebrows, big perv::
Courtknee: ::smile, kisses:: No offense... not really in a sex mood... ::nuzzle, pet::
Summer: ::smirk, lick!kiss!grope:: Anywhere, just do me baby... ::perv::
Rodney: ::sigh, nodnod:: ok... that's fine... ::snuggle::
John: ::grin, kiss!grope:: Let's break in the bed first, huh? Bed's good... ::kissage, takes her over to bed while making nekkid::
Courtknee: ::gets up on tippytoes and kisses his cheek:: Sorry.
Summer: ::also making nekid, nodding like a bobble headed doll:: bed, very good...
John: ::nekkid, throws her on bed and makes uber hawt sex::
Rodney: ::pet, small smile:: Nothing to be sorry about... ::kisses her forehead::
Summer: ::w00t!::
Courtknee: ::small pout, snuggle:: I scared you... I'm sorry for scaring you... and yelling at you... and for being short. ::blink::
Rodney: ::blinkblink, small smile:: you're not *that* short... ::blink::
Courtknee: ::smirk:: am too, both in temper and stature.
Rodney: ::smirk, kiss:: You're so cute... you know this right?
Summer: ::orgasm! makes harder sex::
Courtknee: ::grin, kiss:: I try. ::pet:: You're pretty adorable yourself, y'know.
John: ::fuck yeah!::
Rodney: ::smirk:: only you think so, but that's all that counts, sooo.
Courtknee: ::grin, kiss:: Damn right... I'll sock anyone else who thinks so in the nose... ::blink::
Rodney: ::blink, stare:: ooooookay...
Courtknee: ::giggle, kiss:: Sorry... napoleonic complex... that, and I don't want to share you...
Rodney: Oh, okie dokie, that is okay then... ::kiss::
Courtknee: ::kiss, pet, snuggle::
Rodney: ::snuggle!kiss:: Love you
Courtknee: ::cling:: Love you, too...
John: ::dun orgasm, cling!::
Summer: ::yes! uber cling!::
John: ::kissage liek whoa:: I love you... and this bed is comfy... and big...
Rodney: ::snuggle:: so, we're ok now?
Courtknee: ::snuggle!cling:: Of course we are.
Summer: ::snuggle!cling!kissage liek whoa:: It is, and I love you... more... ::nuzzle!lick!kiss::
John: ::kiss!lick!grope:: nu-uh...
Rodney: ::cling!!:: Good, and I'll apologize to Summer... and Sheppard... kay?
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss:: Thank you.
Summer: ::nod, lick!bite!grope:: uh-huh...
John: ::grope!bite!kiss!lick:: nope.
Rodney: ::kiss, pet:: Anything for you sweetie...
Courtknee: ::kiss:: You know, we're getting married in less than 48 hours and we still don't know where, we still have not invited anyone, and I don't have a dress. ::headtilt::
Summer: ::lick!grope!kiss:: yep.
John: ::kiss!bite!lick!grin:: wanna have sex in the bathroom?
Rodney: ::kiss:: thought you were going to get a dress from Summer? ::headtilt::
Summer: ::lick!bite!bite!kiss, nodnodnodnod:: Mmm-hmmm. ::smirk::
Courtknee: ::wrinkles nose:: Maybe... but, I don't really need a dress... we don't really need to invite people, either, but we do need to get married *somewhere*...
John: ::grin:: Sweet. ::kiss!lick, takes her off into bathroom for teh sex::
Rodney: ::smirk:: no BFF's there? ::kiss:: Fine by me...
Courtknee: ::grin, kiss:: ohh, no no, they're already coming, but since we haven't gotten around to inviting anyone else, we really don't need to bother...
Summer: ::taken and then "taken", haha, sex!::
John: ::w00t!::
Rodney: ::kiss, sigh:: guess those apologies better happen quick then...
Courtknee: ::pet, kiss:: probably, but they're probably having sex now, y'know.
Rodney: ::wrinkles nose:: when aren't they? ::kiss::
Courtknee: When they need food. ::smirk, kiss:: Wanna unpack stuff? Since, y'know, we haven't yet... and you kicked a box...
Rodney: ::snort:: they're like bunnies... probably end up with 12 kids... ::blink, pulls face:: ... ::nodnod:: sure... why not... unpacking would be good.
Courtknee: ::frown:: 12 is a lot... ::takes his hand and takes him back inside::
John: ::orgasm! moves her toward sink and continues sexing::
Rodney: 12 is scary... ::goes with, begins unpacking!:: 12 is just... mind boggling...
Courtknee: ::starts unpacking!, wrinkles nose:: 12 would hurt...
Summer: ::yes! much moaning and licking and biting!::
John: ::damn straight, huzzah for the bathroom sex::
Summer: ::damn effing right!::
Rodney: ::pulls a face:: 12 little Sheppard's... we'd have to move...
Courtknee: ::smirk::...yeah, to where? Another planet?
Rodney: ::nod:: or another galaxy...
Courtknee: ::smirk:: I couldn't go that far away, y'know... Summer was mad when I moved away from being across the hall...
Summer: ::orgasm!lick!bite!kissage liek whoa::
John: ::damn right, kissage!bite::...tired yet?
Rodney: ::headshake:: You really wanna be Aunty Courtknee to an insane amount of children?
Courtknee: ::smirk:: Gonna have to be, and do so with a smile... which would make you Uncle Rodney, huh?
Summer: ::headshake:: Uh-uh... ::lick!grope!bite!kiss, smirk:: Balcony?
John: ::grin:: Yes. ::kissage, grope, carries her on out to the balcony::
Rodney: ::blinkblink:: yeah... well.... crap. ::wrinkles nose::
Summer: ::woowoo!::
Courtknee: ::laughs:: Oh, it won't be so bad, we get to spoil them and be cool and have none of that pesky parental responsibility.
John: ::does balcony sex::
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