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John: ::sitting at Summer's desk, looks at teh baby name list, blinkblink::...when'd you do this?
Courtknee: ::snuggles teh Rodney, short yawn::
Summer: ::blinkblink:: before you came in earlier today...
John: Ohhh... ::nod, blinkblink, suddenly a bit uncomfortable::........ where'd you think they went?
Rodney: ::snugglesnuggle:: you sleepy..?
Courtknee: ::snuggle!cling, small nod:: head hurts...
Summer: ::blink, frowns at obvious uncomfortableness:: dunno... ::small deflated shrug::
John: ::small frown, bits lip:: Huh... ::picks up a pen, taps::
Rodney: ::frown, pet:: should I get you something to take?
Courtknee: ::snuggle:: only if you don;t get it from Carson...
Summer: ::sighs and goes to do "busy work" rearranging supplies, says nothing::
John: ::frown, stops tapping, leans back a bit::....think they went to go get food...?
Rodney: ::blink:: I have some tablets of my own...
Summer: ::shrugs, continues "working"::
Courtknee: ::small nod, snuggle, pet:: Maybe those'll help, then...?
John: ::frown... picks up pen and proceeds tapping again::
Rodney: ::gets up and gets pills out of her jacket, brings them to her:: here baby...
Courtknee: ::takes them, sits up, headtilt, big cute smile::...can you get me a glass of water, please?
Summer: ::busy work! confused!angst::
John: ::blinkblink...::....whatcha doin'?
Rodney: ::small smile:: sure sweetie... ::scurries and gets her water, brings it back:: those should make it all better... ::pets::
Summer: working.... ::doesn't look up::
Courtknee: ::smiles at him:: Love you. ::takes pills, totally gulps down water, twas thirsty, lays back down::
John: ::nod:: Right... ::taptap::....soo..... you've begun... listing names...
Rodney: ::lays back down, snuggle!:: Love you too Court...
Courtknee: ::cling!snuggle, sleepy!:: love you more...
Summer: ::nodnod:: Yeah... well... yeah... ::awkward::
John: ::blink::....John Jr. is no where on the list....
Rodney: ::snuggle!nuzzle:: As if...
Courtknee: ::snuggle!cling:: yeah-huh... ::doze!::
Summer: ::blink:: I was interrupted before completing the list... they're all girls names... ::raises eyebrow, stare::
John: ::small frown, looks at list again, Joan.
Rodney: ::snuggle!doze::
Courtknee: ::sleep!::
Summer: ::blink:: what about Johanna? ::headtilt::
John: ::blink, wrinkles nose:: Just doesn't have the same ring to it...
Summer: ::rolls eyes:: yeah... okay...
John: ::frown:: What? Joan is a good name
Summer: let's just go with John, either or... kay? ::stare::
John: ::blink::.......for a girl?
Summer: ::nodnod:: yeah... had a really good friend in junior high named Joey, guys names for girls are cool, my middle name is a guys name... ::blink::
John: ::blinkblink::....what's your middle name?
Summer: Devin ... ::blink:: what's yours? ::headtilt::
John: ::frown:: Andrew. ::blink::
Summer: ::smile:: I like that name... it would have been on the list had I gotten to boys names
John: ::wrinkles nose:: You sure you want you kid being called "Andy"?
Summer: I'd call him Drew... ::blink::
John: ::blinkblink... nod:: Drew's not bad. Andy is bad.
Summer: ::smirk:: You are so weird baby... I thought the list was freaking you out... ::odd look::
John: ::small frown:: Little bit... still getting used to the idea, you know?
Summer: ::nodnod:: Yeah... but the baby's gonna come... hope you're used to it by then
John: ::smile:: I'm sure I will be...
Summer: ::smiles, stops busywork, comes over makes with kissy::
Rodney: ::obnoxious snore::
John: ::big smile, kissage!:: we're never going to find our room like this...
Courtknee: ::super uber deep headache and crying induced sleepage, snuggles more::
Summer: ::nuzzle:: Want me to chance it by asking Weir? ::kissage::
John: ::wrinkles nose:: No, she's a might bit grumpy... we just wait for McKay and... ::blinks, forgets're friend... to come back. Which I imagine they eventually will, it's still technically working hours and she was all whiny about it earlier...
Summer: ::kissage:: wanna have sex? ...on my desk? ::smirk:: they're bound to show when we are no longer bored...
John: ::grin:: 'Kay.
Summer: ::hikes up skirt, didn't even bother with panties, smirks hops up on desk:: Sweet.
John: ::unzips his pants, makes with desk!sex::
Summer: ::omfg yay!::
Rodney: ::SNORE!::
Courtknee: ::wakes up, grumpy, puts a pillow over his face, goes back to sleep::
Summer: ::orgasm!sexes harder::
John: ::fuck yeah::
Rodney: ::wakes from lack of breathing, cough, sits up:: Uncool...
Courtknee: ::sleep!::
Summer: ::orgasm!cling:: Oh God...
John: ::cling!nuzzle:: you okay, baby...?
Summer: ::cling!kiss:: Yeah... I'm very much okay... and I think I am addicted
John: ::headtilt:: To what? The sex...? ::kissage::
Summer: You, every part of you... ::kissage::
Courtknee: ::snuggles close to teh Rodney, sleep::
John: ::big grin, kissage:: Well, that doesn't sound so bad... and I'm not sure if there's a 12 step program for that, sooo...
Rodney: ::blink, pets::
Courtknee: ::cling, mumble::
Summer: ::smirk:: Never said I wanted to be cured... ::kissage, naughty touching::
John: ::big grin, kissage liek whoa:: Even better for me... ::makes more desk!sex::
Summer: ::w00t!::
Rodney: ::petpet::
Courtknee: ::mumbles something about Rodney... and Colonel Dixon::
Rodney: ::blinks::
Courtknee: ::big happy asleep!sigh, snuggle!clings::
Summer: ::orgasm!::
John: ::totally, cling!nuzzle!bite:: we should save some fo this for the new room, y'know...
Summer: ::lick!nod:: Maybe we should just make with packing and they'll come back? ::nuzzle::
John: ::kissage!lick:: sounds like an idea... ::nuzzle::
Courtknee: ::wakes up a bit, snuggle, blinkblink, smile::... hi
Summer: ::kissage, lowers skirt:: kay...
John: ::fixes his pants, smirk::... start with your room?
Rodney: ::blink:: who's Colonel Dave?
Courtknee: ::blinkblink, headtilt::...hmm?
Summer: ::nodnod:: sure... ::grin:: let's go...
John: ::grin, links arms with her, leads her off to her room::
Rodney: Colonel Dave, who is he and why are you mumbling his name in your sleep?
Courtknee: ::small frown, sits up::...I mumbled his name in my sleep?
Rodney: ::frown:: Yes, you did. ::pout::
Courtknee: ::small smile:: Colonel Dave Dixon... he lead SG-13 back at the SGC... ::pets:: He was pretty, but he was kindof a jerk... besides that, I was probably dreaming of a threesome, sooo... ::sleepy!blink::
Summer: ::gets in room, starts packing stuff up:: Can you get the stuff in the drawers of the nightstand? ::cute grin:: And you can read the page that's bookmarked green, it's from the first day I saw you... ::blushes a little:: I'm giving you permission... feel special, Court's never read it...
Rodney: ::blinkblinkblink:: whu?
John: ::cute little grin::...what page is this you speak of...? ::hobbles over to nightstand, proceeds to get stuff out of it and pack::
Courtknee: ::giggles a little, snuggles:: I love you so much... ::kisses his cheek, pet::
Summer: ::grin:: has the little green tab... green being my favorite color... ::packs clothes::
Rodney: ::blink:: Threesome?
John: ::blinkblink, smirk, proceeds in reading::
Courtknee: ::snuggle!nuzzle:: Two pretties...
John: :;read...looks up to give Summer an odd look, continues read::
Summer: ::blinks at odd look, figures he's reached the part about him being a visual orgasm::
John: ::smirk, blinks at her:: the me that lives in your head sounds way cooler than the me that lives in my head..
Rodney: Huh... odd...
Courtknee: ::snuggle!nuzzle:: Don't worry, baby, I'd never ever share you... and you won't ever share me...
Summer: ::smirk:: I think you *are* damn cool...
John: ::small smile, packs more stuff away, shakes head:: Hardly, but if you think so, I'm inclined to think I'm cooler than I thought I was, certainly...
Rodney: ::snuggle!nuzzle:: Good, cause I have serious problems with sharing my shiny things, and you would be the shiniest of them all
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss:: No sharing allowed. ::kisses his nose:: I'm 100% yours.
Summer: ::dun packing, sits next to him on the bed:: Oh you are... and you're shiny and I love you and I get to have your baby and that makes me unbelievably happy...
John: ::blink, smirk, headtilt, sets aside packed stuff:: You know, you'e quite shiny yourself... ::pet::
Rodney: ::kissage:: That is good, and I am 100% yours... and we're getting married.
Courtknee: ::grin, kiss:: We *are*... ::nuzzle:: And we're not having babies.
Summer: ::nuzzle:: Thanks honey... ::kissage:: SO, time for your room?
John: ::grin, kissage, nodnod:: Yes... but much there, though...
Rodney: ::kiss, smirk:: Sheppard's gonna be a Dad, is that a frightening thought or what?
Courtknee: ::evil!smirk:: just a little... ::kiss:: but you know, if we don't want babies... we can't ever have sex. ::gives him a look::
Summer: ::kissage, stands, takes his hand:: Well, let's get it packed and then see if Court's back and if not we'll y'know, have sex..
John: ::stands, handsqueeze, smile:: Sounds good to me
Rodney: ::blink:: But there is birthcontrol...
Summer: ::smile, handsqueeze, heads him to his quarters, yay::
Courtknee: Yes, but we are all secluded here, how long do you think birthcontrol is going to last...? ::raises an eyebrow::
John: ::yay for his quaters! proceeds in packing his clothes and hair products::
Rodney: We'll... make more... ::pout::
Courtknee: ::headtilt, lays head on his shoulder, plays with his hair a bit:: make more how?
Summer: ::helps!:: War and Peace...? ::headtilt::
John: ::blinkblink::...big book... figured we'd be here a while... ::shrug::
Summer: Heh, yeah, that's why I brought the complete works of Tolkien... ::geek::
John: ::grin:: Nothing wrong with that, I almost ended up bringing Harry Potter...
Rodney: Carson's a doctor, he can make more... right? ::blinkblink::
Courtknee:: ::petpet:: I dunno, he might not...
Summer: ::snort:: Cute... but y'know, she's not done writing the series, that would just end up being frustrating not getting to see how it ends...
John: ::blinkblink::.......oh. Well, good damn thing I didn't grab those, then, huh? ::all done packing, didn't have much::
Rodney: ::uber frown:: But that's not fair!
Courtknee: ::pets:: not fair unless you want our little babies running around
Summer: ::pets:: Yup... all done? ::slides onto his lap, nuzzle::
John: ::grin, kissage:: yup, all done... ::kiss!grope::
Rodney: ::frown:: I am not a happy Rodney...
Courtknee: ::nibbles his earlobe:: Sorry, baby, it's true, though...
Summer: ::kissage!grope!lick!bite::
John: ::kissage liek Again? ::smirk::
Rodney: ::blink:: That is not nice... you can't say no sex and then nibble a mans ear...
Courtknee: ::giggles a little:: You're adorable when you're all frustrated, though... ::kiss:: But, fine, I'll stop. ::sits up, holds up hands a bit::
Summer: ::smirk:: Not if you don't wanna...
John: ::grin:: I wanna if you wanna...
Rodney: ::blink:: Aren't you supposed to be working? ::frustrated::
Courtknee: ::nuzzle:: Yes... why? You want me to leave...? ::adorkable pout::
Summer: ::lick!bite:: If you wanna, I wanna... ::smirk::
John: ::kiss!grope:: I wanna... so... you wanna...
Rodney: ::pout:: No... but, the no sex thing is not making for a happy mood... you might wanna leave cause I'll be grouchy
Summer: ::grope!lick!kiss:: Oh... yes, I so wanna...
Courtknee: ::smirk, straddles his lap, kiss:: I still want sex, though.
John: ::grin, kissage, makes teh sex::
Rodney: I do not want children... ::frown::
Summer: ::yay!sex::
Courtknee: ::sigh, frown:: but you want sex.
John: ::w00t!::
Rodney: ::blink:: but... kids... ::pulls face::
Courtknee: ::sigh, climbs off of him and sits next to him, crosses arms over chest:: Fine. No sex. Not ever. ::grump!::
Summer: ::sexes hard uh-huh::
Rodney: You're the one doing the teasing... ::frown::
John: ::damn straight::
Courtknee: ::raises eyebrow:: Because I wanted sex.
Rodney: But you said we couldn't!! ::confussed::
Courtknee: ::groan!sigh, facepillows:: Nevermind!
Rodney: ::whiny:: Court!
Courtknee: ::looks up:: What?
Rodney: You confuse me... ::pout::
Courtknee: ::gives him a look:: You're supposed to be smart. Loser. ::gets up::
John: ::dun orgasm! clingage::...aren't you supposed to be working...?
Rodney: I'm book smart... never said I was woman and life smart... I believe I covered that under the social retard clause in our relationship...
Summer: ::indeedy:: well.... yeah... ::blink::
Courtknee: ::sigh, frown, lays back down:: Sorry... you're still a loser, though.
John: ::kissage, nuzzle:: This'll piss Dr. Weir off even more, y'know... she thinks we'll take advantage of this relationship... thinks I'll have you sign me off work all the time.. ::grin::
Rodney: ::sigh:: Yeah, but you still love this loser, right?
Courtknee: ::smile, kisses:: Of course, I fell in love with you knowing already that you were a loser... ::pets:: We're losers in love
Summer: ::smirk:: I could do that huh? ... that's not why you really wanted me is it? ::mock glare::
Rodney: ::kissage:: Yay us!
John: ::pout:: Nooo, of course not... ::kissage:: Neat little perk, though...
Courtknee: ::smile, Or too afraid of babies...? Because, y'know, babies, at least in the long run, kindof inevitable... ::small sigh, pet::
Summer: ::bite!lick:: brat... ::kisses the tip of his nose:: I really should at least pretend to work... wanna come get a massage to make me appear busy? I could make it naughty... ::wiggles eyebrows::
Rodney: ::kissage liek whoa, makes nekkid, sex!::
John: ::big grin, kissage:: Massages are nice...
Courtknee: ::yay!::
Summer: ::kiss!pet:: They are... and I'm good at them, so c'mon... ::gets up makes with getting dressed::
John: ::also gets up and makes with getting dressed, w00t::
Courtknee: ::ehhhhh dun sex! cling!nuzzle:: y'know, I'm supposed to be working...
Summer: ::dressed, smiles:: Ready baby?
John: ::all dressed and fixed his hair, nodnod:: Yep! ::grins:: And perhaps, eventually today, we may be able to find our room and maybe move our crap into it...
Rodney: ::yes!:: yeah... I know... Sheppard's probably sexing up Summer, so I guess one of you needs to be responsible
Courtknee: ::smile, kissage!pet:: Wanna keep me company around their awkward sexage or otherwise eye-fuckage...? ::rolls eyes::
Summer: ::smirk, nod:: That would be nice too... ::holds out her hand::
John: ::takes her hand, squeeze, scurries off to PT room with her::
Rodney: ::nodnod:: I could do that... save you from going through that torture alone... ::kiss::
Courtknee: ::smile, nuzzle:: You're the bestest boy ever... ::kiss::
Summer: ::gets to PT room:: okay get naked and get on the table... ::smirk::
John: ::smirk, wiggles eyebrows at her, proceeds to get nekkid and on're not going to take advantage of me, are you...?
Rodney: ::nuzzle, kiss:: I am... for a hopeless loser... ::kiss::
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss, pet:: Yes, *my* hopeless loser... ::kiss, gets up and gets self dressed and such::
Summer: ::evil smirk:: You'll just have to wait and see... ::puts a towl over his (goddamned cutest) ass (I've ever seen), grabs massage oils and proceeds to massage his back::
John: ::blinkblink, groans a bit:: holy crap...
Rodney: ::also makes with the getting dressed and such::
Courtknee: ::all dun dressed, smiles at him:: I look okay for working? ::totally has a messy 'sex hair' thing going on, hasn't seemed to notice::
Summer: ::headtilt:: holy crap..? ::quizzical look::
John: No, no... it's a good holy crap...
Rodney: ::dun dressed, looks, smiles nods:: Oh yeah... you look great... ::perv::
Courtknee: ::beams:: okay! ::grabs his hand, scurries off with him to PT room::
Summer: ::grin, continues:: Good then... ::moves to his middle back:: let me know if I'm too rough...
John: ::grin:: Oh, don't worry, I'm sure you'll do fine...
Rodney: ::indeed, totally thinks they are alone as they walk in to the room:: You think their kid will have his funny pointy ears?
Courtknee: ::grin, also thinks so:: Yes, and possibly also his slut hair.
John: ::blinkblink, frown:: Hey! My ears are not pointy!
Summer: ::glaring::
Rodney: ::blink::
Courtknee: ::blinkblink, small frown:: Oh. Hi! ::scurries over to desk, sits::
Summer: You told! ::glares more::
Courtknee: ::frown:: Did not!
John: ::blinkblink, just registers that, frown:: Hey!
Rodney: I guessed it... she didn't say anything...
Courtknee: ::nodnod:: I swear, not a word out of me.
Summer: Lies... ::massages John's back a little harder::
John: ::winces:: Ow... ::blinkblink, cranes his head back to look at Rodney and Court:: You guys suck.
Courtknee: ::frown::
John: ::headtilts at Court::... and you're really one to talk about slut hair.
Courtknee: ::uber frown, blink, pats at hair::
Rodney: ::blink:: Hey now!
John: ::blink:: What!?
Courtknee: ::sinks down in chair::
Summer: ::rolls eyes:: Oh everyone just STFU!
John: ::blinkblink, frown::....sorry
Rodney: ::blink::
Summer: ::pets John:: I'm not in the mood to fight about it... I just won't tell super duper uber secrets ever again...
John: ::small shrug, relaxes a bit:: Fine, okay...
Courtknee: ::whimper::
Rodney: she didn't tell me... ::frown:: you're mean.. ::goes over, pets Court::
John: Yeah, I'm sure she didn't.
Courtknee: ::sinks lower in chair, whimpers:: I do not have slut hair...
Summer: ::blinks at her:: no, you have "I've been freshly fucked" hair... ::smirk::
Courtknee: ::blinkblink, pats at her hair some more, frowns at Rodney:: Why didn't you tell me!?
John: ::pulls a face, so does not want to hear about McKay's sex life ever::
Rodney: It looks hot... ::blink::
Courtknee: ::makes a whiny noise, tries to fix it::
Summer: ::smirk:: and what happened to not scurrying off during working hours... thing, hmm?
Courtknee: ::blink:: a series of unfortunate events lead to my getting extremely upset, which then, in turn, lead to my getting a headache and needing to go lie down. And then after a nap we had sex. ::blink::
John: ::pulls another face:: Let's not talk about you having sex, please?
Summer: ::continues massaging John, hands under the towel massaging that sweet ass, haha, looks at Court:: Uh-huh, I'm sure... and how did genius here "guess" about our baby making?
Courtknee: ::blink::...said upsetness and the following hysterical ranting tipped him off... I really didn't mean for him to find out...
John: ::looks up at Summer... kindof:: Told you.
Summer: ::sighs, squeezes his ass hard, gives Court a look:: You mean the odd upsetness over me having a baby and it not being fair that I get one first thing?
John: ::jumps a bit, blink, smirk::
Courtknee: ::blinkblink...nod:: Yes.
Rodney: ::gets the skiddish fear of baby look::
Courtknee: ::doesn't notice::
Summer: ::notices:: little pale there McKay... wanna sit down?
Courtknee: ::blinkblinks at Rodney, small frown:: Sweetie, you okay?
Rodney: ::plops into Summer's chair:: uhhuh...
Courtknee: ::frowns sure?
Rodney: ::nodnod:: yeah... can we not talk about us having a baby... like now?
Courtknee: ::blink:: We're not having babies. Ever.
John: ::blinks, raises an eyebrow:: Nervous, there, McKay?
Rodney: Oh shut up Sheppard... like you have room to talk, she's gone from your and I quote "best and sweetest lay ever" to what "Earth mother" in the span of 24 hours..? You're probably screaming on the inside that you can't just take what you want and move on to the next eager to lay down for you young thing... ::glare::
Summer: ::blink, frown::
John: ::frown:: Hey! You don't know the first thing about her, or us for that matter, so keep your mouth shut!
Courtknee: ::frown:: Rodney!
Rodney: ::blink:: What? I'm a bad guy for telling it like I see it?
Courtknee: ::glare:: Uncalled for.
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