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Rodney: ::pout:: Well, you said everyone was gonna know and be gossiping about it... so I could say I heard it somewhere else then... ::raises eyebrow::
Courtknee: ::frown, shakes head:: I promised.
Rodney: Anyone I could weasel it out of?
John: ::still sexing?::
Summer: ::yes! haha::
Courtknee: ::big frown::... Dr. Beckett.
Rodney: ::blink:: ... oh my God...
Courtknee: ::blinkblink, makes face::
Rodney: Sheppard put a bun in the oven, didn't he? ::smirking::
Courtknee: ::wrinkles nose, shakes head::
Rodney: Huh. ::smirk::
Courtknee: ::eyes widen, big frown:: I didn't tell you!
Summer: ::orgasm liek whoa, cling!snuggle!nuzzle::
John: ::yep yep! snuggle!cling!kissage::
Rodney: HA! He DID!! I knew it!!
Courtknee: ::slaps a hand over his mouth:: No no no, you know nothing, you make no indication that you know anything, okay?
Rodney: ::blink, nodnod:: Mmmmkay...
Summer: ::nuzzle!snuggle:: I really should be working... ::tip of nose kiss::
Courtknee: ::big frown:: Promise. Not a word, not a giggle, not a funny look at either one of them... or anyone else, for that matter.
John: ::smirk:: I thought you were...?
Rodney: ::blink:: I'll... try... I'll make something up if need be, ok?
Courtknee: ::resolve face::: Promise!
Summer: ::smirk, kissage:: Oh... that's right, I am... ::nuzzle::
John: ::kissage:: I am hungry, though... ::nuzzle::
Rodney: ::chuckle, snort, nod:: I promise, I promise, I won't let on that I know...
Courtknee: ::uber pout, headdesk, sigh:: I hate today.
Summer: ::nuzzle, lick!kiss:: Me too, our baby is as well... ::grins cutely::
John: ::kiss:: Food time?
Rodney: ::blink, pet:: Oh honey... what is it? ::rubs her back::
Courtknee: ::headdesked:: It just sucks...
Summer: ::nodnod, kiss:: Yes, please... baby needs food to grow
John: ::smile, nuzzle!kiss, gets up and proceeds to find the clothing:
Rodney: ::sighs:: Yeah, a little Sheppard running around... ::shudders:: As if he isn't bad enough...
Courtknee: ::sigh:: sure...
Summer: ::gets up and dressed:: You have any baby names in mind..? ::raises eyebrow::
John: ::also dressed::...John Junior? ::grin::
Rodney: ::blink:: What...? Is this about her upstaging you cause she's knocked up? ::headtilt, pet::
Courtknee: ::frown, doesn't say anything, stays headdesked::
Summer: ::smirk:: And if we have a baby girl?
John: ::blink, thoughtful look::......Joan.
Rodney: ::frown, pet:: Oh Court... it's a baby, they're icky, we're getting married, that's so much better than a screaming, poop machine...
Courtknee: ::pouty!voice:: I know...
Summer: ::giggles:: I love you... dorkface...
John: ::grin, kissage:: Of course you do... ::puts arm around her:: To food?
Summer: ::nodnod:: Yes... hope it's Earth food, cause omfg, I so don't wanna hork again... ::goes to get food::
John: ::w00t!food::
Rodney: So, what is the problem, I don't get it?
Courtknee: ::sigh:: I don't want to talk about it...
Summer: ::gets food, sits, eat:: so, you still all freaked out about everyone finding out you're gonna be a father? ::headtilt, eat::
John: ::also with food and sitting::... ::headtilt:: I dunno...
Rodney: ::frown:: Sweetie... I just want to make you feel
Courtknee: I know...
Summer: ::wrinkles nose a little:: oh... ::eat, looks around the commissary::
Rodney: ::sigh, pet:: talk to me... please?
John: ::small frown:: Do you want everyone to know...? Right away...?
Courtknee: ::turns head to look at him:: It's a Jan Brady thing. You don't want to hear about it
Summer: ::blink:: no...just don't want you to be ashamed of it... ::wrinkles nose::
Rodney: ::blink:: and Summer is what Marsha?
John: It's not that I'm ashamed... I'm just kindof private...
Courtknee: ::nod::
Summer: Oh..Oh... ok... ::eat::
Rodney: A superficial annoying bitch... nice friend.
John: ::sigh, frown:: I just don't like the rumour mill, is all... I mean, you hear the things people say around here...
Courtknee: ::frown:: She's not... it's just... she was always better than me. I've always been in her shadow. Hell, I didn't even want to be a physical therapist, I just didn't know what to do with myself...
Summer: ::nod:: That you're a whore and sleeping with your whole team and Weir... ::blink, looks around, eat::
John: ::blinkblink::... the *whole* team!? Ew!
Rodney: Huh. ::pet!snuggle:: Y'know, Sheppard said she did a year of med school... did you do that too?
Courtknee: ::frown:: Not well...
Summer: ::nodnod:: Yeah... apparently that's why you named the ancient ship a ::air quotes:: "jumper" ::wrinkles nose::
John: ::blinkblink:: it *jumps* from one place to another... through a *puddle*! ::frown:: People are dumb.
Rodney: ::frown, pet:: .... ::blink:: please tell me that her having a baby means... ::eyes widen::
Courtknee: ::blink::...what?
Summer: ::nodnod:: I know baby... they're idiots... ::reaches over and squeezes his hand:: They're all full of shit...
John: ::frown, nod, squeezes her hand:: Damn right they are.
Rodney: ::sigh:: You don't want to have a baby now... do you? ::terrified look::
Courtknee: ::blinks at him...
Summer: ::hand squeeze:: It's ok baby... you wanna keep it quiet, I guess we can do that... you think Weir will?
John: ::frown, wrinkles nose:: Probably not... you think your friend will?
Rodney: ::long sigh:: Oh thank God...
Courtknee: ::big frown:: What if I did?
Summer: ::nodnod:: Oh yeah, she's never told before...
John: You're sure she won't tell her lovey dovey fiance...? ::rolls eyes::
Rodney: ::frown:: You told me you do not like children... we bonded over it...
Summer: ::blink:: she promised
Courtknee: ::pouty!frown:: Well, what if my internal female... clock... thing says I need to have babies?
John: You *have* seen those two together, right...? You don't think he'd drag it out of her, especially after she was all upset earlier...?
Rodney: I would ruin children...
Courtknee: ::blink:: Bet you wouldn't...
Summer: ::frown:: well... shit. ::frowns more::
Rodney: ::blink:: Oh God, you want a baby!
John: Yeah, and the combination of him, Dr Weir and Dr. Beckett... whole city'll know by the end of the day... and so much for privacy... ::hand squeeze::
Courtknee: ::frown:: I don't!
Summer: ::handsqueeze:: love you... sorry I didn't listen... still, I'd like to think she wont tell...
John: ::small smile:: Maybe it'd be better if we just told people, now that I'm thinking about it... I think I'd rather not hear from one of Bates's security guys about how Dr. Beckett impregnated you with frozen Ancient sperm or something...
Rodney: ::blink:: I think you do... you sound jealous that she's having a baby...
Courtknee: ::getting all uber upset again:: That doesn't mean I want one! Not now, at least...
Summer: ::blink, snort:: Oh Gord... yeah, that would suck... ::leans over and pets his cheek::
John: ::smile, kisses her hand:: That might happen no matter what we do...
Rodney: ::sigh, pet:: Look, let's not talk about children... it's a non issue right now, we're not even married yet, we have to cross that bridge when we get there.
Courtknee: ::Frown:: And what if I do decide I want babies, are you going to divorce me then?
Summer: ::blink: Ew ::wrinkles nose:: Maybe we should have sex on the table in front of everyone so they know the sperm came from you... ::giggles::
John: :;grin:: Now, that is quite the opposite of private...
Rodney: ::blink, frown:: No... but I really hope to not have you decide you want soul sapping life draining mini humans...
Courtknee: ::wibble... bursts into tears:: You'll hate me!
Summer: ::smirks, gets up and sits on his lap, kiss:: or we make out... that speaks volumes...
Rodney: ::blink, cling!console:: No... nonononono... ::cling!!::
John: ::grin:: That works for me... ::kissage liek whoa::
Courtknee: ::cry!:: You will, too!
Summer: ::kissage liek whoa, lick!nuzzle!straddles him::
John: ::makes kissage and groping::
Rodney: ::cling!pet:: I'd never hate you, no way on earth...
Courtknee: ::cry!cling:: But what if I decide I really want a baby or... oh, god, what if I just get pregnant one day..>!?
Teyla: ::walks in commissary, eyes widen, stares at PDA::
John: ::uber makeouty::
Summer: ::damn right, kissing, and excessive groping::
Rodney: ::cling,pet, forehead kiss:: We'll deal with it... it's not something I'd leave you over, jeez, do you really think I'm that big a jerk?
Courtknee: ::cry!:: I saw the look on your face when you thought I wanted one, Rodney! What would you have done if I'd said yes!?
Summer: ::making out and making naughty touching::
John: ::fuck yeah::
Rodney: ::pet:: Court, I just would have tried to reason with you, look, I'm no where near being ready to be a father, maybe one day, just, not now...
Teyla: ::goes over and sits with Carson who I say is there cause I'm feeling random:: I see Major Sheppard is feeling better... ::jealous, haha::
Courtknee: ::whimper:: But that if I just get pregnant, Rodney, Summer and Major Sheppard have been together just as long as we have...
Carson: ::was brooding over pie, completely oblivious to all the goings on around him, looks up, blink:: What? ::sees PDA, small frown:: Oh...
Rodney: ::frown:: So, we have Carson give you injections, problem solved...
Courtknee: ::eyes widen:: Injections!?
Teyla: I take it that is the physical therapist... girl, he's taken up with... ::scowl:: Do your people usually make such displays of intamacy so public?
Rodney: ::blink:: Birth control... that's all I meant...
Carson: ::frown:: Not typically...
Courtknee: ::whimper:: I'd already be pregnant...
Summer: ::totally doing the "dry sex" thing, heh::
John: ::w00t!::
Rodney: ::frown:: Test?
Courtknee: ::blink:: What...?
Teyla: ::wrinkles her nose:: I must confess, it's a disturbing display yet I cannot look away... ::frown::
Carson: ::frown, sigh, stares at his completely untouched piece of pie:: Yeah...
Rodney: A pregnancy test....
Teyla: Dr. Beckett, is something troubling you?
Courtknee: ::sniff, blink:: I'm not pregnant...
Carson: ::blinkblink, frown, shakes head:: No, Teyla, I'm fine...
Summer: ::lick!kiss!bite:: I think we need to find a room....
John: ::kiss!bite!grope:: I agree... ::picks her up and totally scurries off with her!::
Rodney: How do you know?
Courtknee: ::frown::...what if I am?
Teyla: Are you sure? ::blinks as John runs off:: You do not appear to be well...
Carson: ::small frown, shakes head:: No, no... I'm just ::blink::...just a little homesick, is all, I'll be fine...
Rodney: ::sigh:: Then we deal with it... I'm not leaving you Courtknee...
Courtknee: ::frown:: I'm not pregnant.
Summer: ::kisses and gropes him all the way back to his quarters::
John: ::carries her into his quarters, makes nekkid and hawt sex::
Teyla: ::hand pat:: Oh... I understand. ::lets it lie cause random mood is over::
Rodney: ::sigh:: You are confusing the hell out of me...
Carson: ::frown, stares at pie::
Courtknee: ::uber frown:: Well, I'm sorry, I can't really help it.
Summer: ::yay for hawt sex::
Rodney: ::hug!pet:: Can we just try and calm down, please?
Courtknee: ::cling:: I'm sorry...
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