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John: ::eating his muffin and drinking his coffee?::
Courtknee: ::sitting in bed weeping, I think::
Summer: ::also, yes:: You are so smart baby...
John: ::grins:: I know! I'm glad someone can recognize my brain... ::eats muffin!::
Rodney: ::consolement:: Ignore him, if the friendship is important, you'll get past your dislike of her chosen partner... she hates me, and I am ok with that... she's your friend, you'll work it out...
Courtknee: ::sniffle!cling:: I can't believe she missed our wedding...
Summer: ::grin:: I knew it all along... just cause you're pretty doesn't mean you're a dullard... ::eat::
John: ::smiles:: Damn right... now, try telling McKay that... next time he tries to make me look like the idiot, I might have to sock him in the eye..
Rodney: ::cling!:: I know baby, I know...I'm so sorry this is hurting you so much... ::pet!forehead kiss::
Courtknee: ::snuggle!cling:: I love you... ::sniggle::
Summer: ::giggles:: That I'd pay to see... ::snort:: but just don't do it and leave a mark... and not in front of Courtknee
John: ::grin, coffee sip:: Of course, don't wanna damage things anymore...
Rodney: ::snuggle!kiss:: I love you too sweetie, so so much.
Courtknee: ::smiles a little, snuggle, sighs and closes eyes:: husband...
Summer: ::smile, sips milk as coffee and preggerness is bad:: Love you. ::eat::
Rodney: ::uber snuggle!nuzzle:: shiny wife...
John: ::smirks and finishes off his muffin:: So, plans today?
Courtknee: ::snuggle!doze:: shiny shiny...
Summer: ::headshake:: None... still on med leave for my noggin... ::smirk::
John: ::big grin, nodnod:: riiight, broken head...
Rodney: ::snuggle!doze:: Love yooooou
Courtknee: ::snooze!::
Summer: ::nodnod:: Due to abusive boyfriend... ::snerk::
John: ::pout:: Am not! It was an accident.
Summer: ::smirk:: Joke doofus... ::crinkles nose cutely::
Rodney: ::Zzzzzzzzz::
John: ::pout:: not nice... someone could hear you, and then the Atlantis Rumour Mill will go insane and before you know it the commissary guys are spitting on my food...
Summer: ::blinkblink:: Sorry baby... want me to straddle you and make a display of how I can't keep my hands to myself cause of your uber hotness? ::smirk::
John: ::grin:: Kay.
Summer: ::uber grin, gets up, slides onto his lap straddling him, neck kissage:: How's this so far? People lookin'?
John: ::looks around a bit, smirk:: Yep... ::makes uber kissage::
Summer: ::uber kissage, grindage, uber PDA in genaral omg::
John: ::heh, hell yes::
Summer: ::uber makeout!::
John: ::w00t!:
Courtknee: ::rolls around in sleep, grunt, curls up::
Rodney: ::snore!::
John: ::between makeoutage:: y'know... if Dr. Weir comes in... she'll shit...
Summer: ::kiss:: Like... ::kiss:: I... ::kiss, naughty touchage:: care what that... ::lick!bite!kiss:: hag thinks... ::uber hot kissage::
John: ::kiss:: You will ::kiss!lick:: when she ::kiss:: throws you ::kiss!grope:: onto some... ::kissage:: desert planet.. ::kissage liek whoa::
Courtknee: ::rolls around, husband cling::
Summer: You... ::kissage:: wouldn't... ::lick!grope:: let her... ::bite!kiss:: do that... ::uber naughty grope:: to me... ::kissage:: and our... ::lick!lick!bite!kiss:: baby...
Rodney: ::sleep!cling!snore::
John: No.. ::kissage:: but... ::kiss!lick:: I would... ::kiss!bite!lick:: probably go.. ::uber grope!kissage:: too...
Courtknee: ::omg nose bleed in sleep because I is getting sick::
Summer: ::kissage!grope liek whoa:: Sex?
John: ::Kissage, nodnodnod:: yes.
Rodney: ::snuggles!stirs a little at odd wetness on skin::
Courtknee: ::frown, further clingage, nose quits::
Summer: Sweet! ::uber kissage:: room, or nearest utility closet?
John: ::smirk:: We haven't done it in a utility closet yet, have we...? ::kiss!grope::
Summer: Nope... ::grope!bite!kiss::
John: ::grin:: Let's go... ::picks her up, kissage liek whoa, carries her off to nearest closet::
Rodney: ::wakes, rubs wet spot, looks frowns at blood, looks at wife, eyes widen:: Court... ::gentle shake::
Courtknee: ::frown, groans, swats at him and rolls over::
Summer: ::yay! makes nakkid, lick!kiss!bite, grope::
John: ::yay naked, sex!::
Courtknee: ::eyes snap open, blink:: Whaaat!?
Rodney: ::shows hand w/ blood on it:: Your nose...
Courtknee: ::blinkblink::....huh?
Rodney: Bleeding... your nose, you bleed all over my neck... ::frown::
Courtknee: ::frown, sits up, wipes nose, blink::...huh.
Summer: ::orgasm!makes more secks::
Rodney: ::frown:: That's all you have to say?
John: ::hell yeah, totally knows shit over in the utility closet::
Courtknee: ::blink:: ...maybe I scratched the inside of my nose when I was picking it? ::blink:: It's happened before...
Summer: ::makes rough loud secks::
John: ::damn right::
Rodney: ::blink:: You... pick your nose? ::trying not to laugh::
Courtknee: ::frown:: Maybe.
Rodney: ::blink, blink, sniker, shoulders shake trying to hold in laugh::
Courtknee: ::frown:: Quit.
Rodney: ::sniker, cough, cough:: SOrry... just.. never heard a girl admit to nose picking...
Courtknee: ::pout:: Not nice.
Courtknee: ::gets up and goes into bathroom to whipe off nose::
Rodney: Said I was sorry... ::frown::
Courtknee: Sure, sure... ::wipes her nose so no more blood ewie::
Rodney: ::comes in, washes off bloody neck:: C'mon, it's funny and you know it...
Courtknee: ::small pout:: maybe... not funny to laugh, though
Summer: ::orgasm!cling!:: whoa... that was hot...
John: ::yes!, kissage:: I suggest utility closets more often...
Rodney: ::cheek kiss:: I'm sorry
Courtknee: ::smiles at him, kiss;: Apology accepted, love.
Summer: ::cling!:: Definitely... I'd sex you anywhere andy damn time... ::grin, kissage::
John: ::grin, kissage liek whoa:: I love you, baby... ::nuzzle!lick!kiss!bite::
Rodney: ::kiss:: You feeling okay baby? You're a little pale...
Summer: Love you too, snookums ::nuzzle!kiss::
Courtknee: ::smile, nodnod, kiss:: I feel fine.. probably just the light.. ::kiss::
John: ::snort:: snookums.. ::kiss::
Rodney: ::headtilt:: okay... ::kissage, snuggle::
Courtknee: ::snuggle!kiss:: so, it's our wedding day, we should do things...
Summer: snugglebunny... ::sniker, kiss::
John: ::smirk, kiss:: okay, no more scary pet names, please?
Rodney: ::kiss, eyebrow raise:: ohhh? suggestions baby?
Summer: ::kiss, nuzzle, giggle:: Kay... Johnny boy... ::crinkles nose cutely::
Courtknee: ::frown:: I dunno... is there things to do? We could.. go around the city and be all lovey dovey and annoy everyone...
Rodney: ::nodnod:: We could do that, yes... ::blink:: you got blood on Summer's dress...
Courtknee: ::blink, eyes widen, looks down at self:: Oh, fuck, she's going to kill...
Rodney: ::blink:: Thought you were mad at her...
John: ::smiles, kisses her nose:: You're cute...
Courtknee: ::frown:: I am, but now she'll kill me!
Summer: ::grins cutely:: Thank you baby, you're pretty cute yourself ::wink::
John: ::smile, kissage:: WHy thank you... ::kiss:: Aren't you supposed to be trying to mend you friend thing so we can have more sex without worrying about it? ::headtilt::
Rodney: ::sigh:: Maybe we can clean it up? It's just a little... ::headtilt::
Summer: ::nods:: Yes, yes, I should... damn me and my addiction to your penis...
Courtknee: ::uberfrown, pulls dress off and scurries into bathroom and starts trying to scrub it out::
John: ::snort, kissage:: It's not a bad addiction...
Rodney: ::sighs, sits on the counter::
Courtknee: ::scrubscrubscrubscrubscrubscrubscrub, muttering unintelligably to self::
Summer: ::grin:: I enjoy it... your penis is awesome...
John: ::grin:: And there was worse things to be addicted to... my penis is not crack...
Rodney: ::sighs:: Honey... she wont kill you over clothes...
Courtknee: ::scrubscrubscrubscrubscrubscrubscrub:: she might... ::whimper, scrubscrub::
Summer: It's my crack... ::blink::
John: ::blink::...that sounded weird
Summer: ::blink:: well... it's my drug of choice?
John: ::chuckles, kisses:: Sounds good to me.
Rodney: No, she wont... ::puts hand on her arm::
Courtknee: ::quits scrubbing, bursts into tears::
Summer: ::snuggle!kiss:: I love you. ::big grin:: We should go before I jump you again...
Rodney: ::takes her in his arms!consolement::
John: ::grin, kiss:: Okay, okay, we go... ::kiss:: go where?
Courtknee: ::cling!sob::
Summer: ::makes with getting dressed:: I dunno... to set up reception?
Rodney: ::cling!consolement:: Oh sweetie, what is it?
John: ::gets dressed, yupyup:: ahh, right, reception...
Courtknee: ::cling, sob:: She'll hate me, everyone will...
Summer: ::nodnod:: yes, with the singing and dancing and making my friend not mad anymore...
Rodney: ::blink:: No, oh sweetheart, why would everyone hate you?
John: ::nodnodnod:: Good idea...
Courtknee: ::sob:: I don't know!
Summer: ::pet:: It was yous, so yes. ::kiss, takes his hand:: So, up with the planning and alike?
Rodney: ::blink, comsole!tolds tight:: You're worrying me here babe...
John: ::evilsmirk:: Yes, quite up... ::eyebrow wiggle::
Courtknee: ::quites down and tries to calm::...I'm cold... I need to get dressed...
Summer: ::eyebrow raise:: We could plan things naked and in bed right? ::blink::
John: ::nodnod:: I'm sure we could... except for the things we need other people for, y'know, telling the commissary guys we need food and telling other people to show up...
Rodney: Okay... lets get you dressed then... ::walks her back in the bedroom::
Summer: Right... well, we're by the commissary so lets get that done...
Courtknee: ::sniffles, goes over and hastily gets dressed::
John: ::holds hands! nodnod:: Alrighty then... ::kiss::
Rodney: ::sits on bed watching her:: You're pale, even in this light... maybe we should think about seeing Carson...
Courtknee: ::dressed, frowns at him:: I'm fine.
Summer: ::kiss, walks to commissary, makes arrangements:: Now who to invite?
Rodney: you don't look fine
John: ::shrug, kisses:: I dunno, who are they friends with?
Courtknee: ::frown:: I am fine, I feel fine.
Summer: us.... ::blink::
John: ::blink::...that's it? They suck.
Rodney: ::frown:: You really don't seem fine baby... please?
Summer: ::blink:: I think Court gets along with Peter...
Courtknee: ::sigh, frown, sits next to him, small smile, handsqueeze:: Sweetheart, I promise, I feel okay...
John: ::blink... raises an eyebrow:: Really? Okay, so... that's 5 of us... Teyla and Ford, seven.... Dr. Weir?
Rodney: ::handsqueeze:: You're able to give me a guarentee that you are fine? ::eyebrow raise::
Summer: ::sighs:: Fine... I hate her though...
Courtknee: ::nodnodnod:: Yes. I feel fine, it's probably just nerves... wedding and friend drama... ::kiss:: I'll be okay.
John: ::kisses:: I know, baby, but she and McKay may or may not be friends, so...
Rodney: ::kiss, pet:: Okay, but if it keeps up, you will see Beckett... without arguement...
Courtknee: ::sigh, pout:: Fine... ::kiss::
Summer: ::kiss, sigh:: Fine, fine... she touches you I'll beat her ass down...
John: ::smile, kiss:: Sweet... ::kiss:: How about the scientists? Any of them? Do we know if McKay gets alone with any of them?
Rodney: ::snooogle:: I just love you, don't want anything to happen to my girl...
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss:: Nothing's going to happen to your girl, promise. ::kiss::
Summer: ::shrug:: Haven't clue one, I'd bet they hate him...
John: ::frown, wrinkles nose:: damn... maybe we should just make it open invitation...?
Rodney: Ummmkay... ::kissage!pet::
Summer: ::nodnod:: probably... another good idea...
Courtknee: ::kissage!nuzzle:: so, do we go be annoyingly lovey dovey or am I all cryface?
John: ::smile, nodnod:: Good, that way they won't feel quite so... friendless ::blink:: since they only have, like, 5 friends...
Rodney: You're cryface, but you're still beautiful nonetheless ::nuzzle!kiss::
Summer: ::nodnod:: Yes... ::grin, kiss:: You rule!
Courtknee: ::smile, kisses:: think I can cover cryface with makeup...?
Rodney: ::nodnodnod:: not that you need to...
John: ::smile:: I do... so, we should tell a few people, tell them to tell a few more people, and then everyone will know...
Courtknee: ::nodnod, kiss, smile:: Love you. ::gets up and scurries to make self noncryface::
Summer: Yes, and we'll start with the big blabber mouth gossipy people... and then we can go back to our room and I can give you a blow job, cause I suddenly have this urge to do so... ::blink, smirk, whore::
John: ::blink::...kay.
Rodney: Love you more! ::still worried omg, angst::
Courtknee: ::makes self up shiny shiny, returns, smile:: Okay, we go?
Summer: ::goes about telling people, heh::
John: ::yes!::
Rodney: Yes ::kissage::
Courtknee: ::big smile, kissage, handsqueeze:: yay!
Summer: ::invites and all that woot::
Rodney: ::takes her into hallway, hand squeeze:: So, where to?
John: ::yesyes, and the nurses, because they are gossipy::
Courtknee: ::smirk:: I dunno... lab or control room? ::smile::
Rodney: ::smirk:: Control room, wanna show off my shiny wifey to all the guys ::evil smirk::
Courtknee: ::big smile:: Sweet... ohhh, can I touch some shiny things there?
John: ::bored now:: Okay, I'm done, blowjob now?
Rodney: No... but you can look shiny...
Courtknee: ::mock pout:: but I like the shiny things... ::starts off for control room omgyay::
Summer: ::nodnodnod:: mmmkay...
Rodney: As do I, but some shiny things are very dangerous if touched...
John: ;:big smile:: Sweet! ::grabs her hand and scurries off back to room::
Courtknee: ::nodnodnod:: sure, sure, fine, no touching things...
Summer: ::once in room, proceeds with unzipping his pants and going down on him, w00t!::
John: ::W00t!::
Rodney: ::kiss:: That's my girl...
Courtknee: ::kiss, smile, bounces off to control room::
Rodney: ::snuggles as they get into control room:: Hello all... I'd like you all to meet my wife... that's right, I said *wife* ::beam::
Courtknee: ::giggles, snuggles:: Nice announcement, sweetie...
Random Guy: ::blank stare... goes back to his console::
John: ::makes orgasm liek omg::
Peter: ::blink, frown::
Summer: ::swallows, tucks him back into his pants, looks up, grins::
John: ::smirks:: You're amazing...
Rodney: ::beam:: I thought so..
Courtknee: ::throws arms around him, kissage:: Show me shiny things, now, please.
Summer: ::grin:: Thanks baby... ::stands up:: so are you...
John: ::Makes uber kissage:: sex?
Courtknee: ::nodnod:: Sex sounds good to me baby... ::kissage liek whoa::
John: ::kissage!grope, makes nekkid::
Rodney: ::grin:: ok, well this is the DHD, and this here, this controls the shields, and this... well, we havent figured it out yet, but we will...
Courtknee: ::smiles, reaches out to touch something shiny...::
Summer: ::also makes nekkid, jumps into bed, smirk:: ready for you baby...
John: ::jumps into bed, omfg makes secks::
Peter: ::grabs her hand:: Uh... not a good idea...
Courtknee: ::frown... pout:: but it's nice...
Summer: ::yay, secks!::
Peter: It also sets the city to self destruct... Rodney, little control of the spouse?
Courtknee: ::frown:: ...'splodey.
Rodney: ::blink:: Yes, do not touch, dangerous...
Courtknee: ::pout, snuggles husband:: no touching, kay...
Rodney: ::grin, kiss:: That's my girl
Courtknee: ::nuzzle!kiss:: yep...
Summer: ::makes uber hot secks::
John: ::hell yes::
Peter: ::mumble:: yeah, comgratulations... heard about that... reception should be fun...
Courtknee: ::blinkblink:: what reception?
Rodney: ::blink::
Peter: The reception in the commissary tonight... Major Sheppard and Ms. Thompson are inviting everybody...
Courtknee: ::blinkblink, looks at Rodney::...oh.
Rodney: ::blink:: Huh...
Courtknee: Well... ::blinks back at Peter, smile:: That should be nice then, right?
Peter: ::nodnod:: Sounds like, though I'm not singing... think everyone would leave...
Courtknee: ::smile:: Well, you don't have to sing... ::blink, headtilt;: There's singing?
Peter: That's what the Major said... Kaeroke... ::blink::
Rodney: ...huh.
Courtknee: ;:wrinkles nose a little:: Weird... ::smiles:: Well, I hope I see you then... and maybe we'll get you to sing...
Peter: ::gulps::
Rodney: ::takes her hand:: You didn't know about this?
Courtknee: ::shakes head;: No...
Rodney: See, she feels bad for missing the wedding, must be trying to make it up to you... ::pet::
Courtknee: ::big smile:: Yeah... that'll be fun, right? ::smirk:: And we'll get peter to sing...
Rodney: ::smirk, snort:: You really wanna torture the poor man, don't you?
Summer: ::orgasm!cling!::
Courtknee: ::giggles and bounces:: It'll be fun! Singing is fun, he'll have fun.
John: ::omfg!yes!nuzzle:: I love you...
Rodney: ::kiss:: If you say so baby... he didn't seem excited about the singing part...
Summer: ::snuggle!nuzzle!kiss:: I love you... more!
Courtknee: Of course he is ::looks at Peter:: You're excited to sing, aren't you?
John: ::pouts a little:: nu-uh... ::kissage!pet::
Peter: ::terrified look:: Uh-uh...
Courtknee: ::smiles:: I bet you'll do great.
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