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Courtknee: ::snuggle:: cake!?
John: ::necksuckage, because I dunno what to do::
Rodney: ::grin:: Yes! ::snuggle!kiss::
Summer: ::works for me haha:: Sex?
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss:: YAY! ::gets up and gets back inb shiny dress because omfg yay shiny dress!::
John: ::smirk:: Kay!
Rodney: ::gets up dresses in clean clothes cuz um yeah:: Ready shiny girl?
Courtknee: ::beams, nodnodnod:: Yes! Cake!
Summer: ::grin, pounce!:: I love you! And apparently your penis as well... ::snerk::
John: ::chuckles, makes hawt kissage and sex omg::
Rodney: ::takes her hand:: Cake is good! ::skitters to commissary::
Courtknee: ::yay skittering!::
Summer: ::yay!slut::
John: ::also slut, heh::
Rodney: ::gets cake brings to table cause I says so heh:: Cake for the shiniest of them all...
Courtknee: ::squees and bounces and claps:: YAY!
Rodney: ::eats cakage yay!::
Courtknee: ::yes::
Summer: ::makes hard rough mind blowing sex cause omfg I'd rather not think::
John: ::fuck yes::
Rodney: Feeling better sweeite?
Courtknee: ::smiles a little, mouth full of cake, nodnod;:
John: ::continues hawt sex::
Summer: ::yes!::
Rodney: ::grin, eat::
Courtknee: ::smirks, totally has icing on her nose, shovels in some cake omg::
Courtknee: ::snorts, still totally doesnt notice cake icing on nose::... our reception is lame...
Summer: ::orgasm!cling!nuzzle!lick!kiss::
John::snuggle!nuzzle!'s it goin'?
Rodney: ::taps the end of his nose:: You have a little... ::leans over and totally licks the icing off her nose omg how woobie!!!::
Courtknee: ::blink,giggle:: thanks, sweetie...
Summer: ::uber!cling:: ...good... I'm in the arms of the man I love, how could things not be good?
John: ::smile, snuggle!kiss:: I love you... ::pet:: ...did we sleep?
Rodney: ::grin, wink:: Anytime Mrs. McKay... ::goofy grin::
Courtknee: ::beams:: Yes. Husband. ::nod::
Summer: ::nods:: we did... and then we woke up and fucked like bunnies... ::crinkles nose cutely::
Rodney: ::uber grin:: I love you.
John::smirk, nuzzle:: see, I don't remember sleeping... I remember sex and other sex...
Courtknee: ::smile:: Love you more.
Summer: ::giggle:: Well sex is good...
Rodney: None of that, we'll make people wretch
John: ::snuggle!nuzzle:: it is... ::tummy rumbly!::
Courtknee: ::giggles;: Which is okay, we just got married...
Summer: ::sighs, grins:: Hungry baby?
Rodney: True... love you more...
John: ::grin:: could be what that means... ::kisses:: how about you...? ::pats her belly::
Courtknee: ::beams:: Love you mooorrreee!
Summer: ::grin, kiss:: I am, as is your unborn child... ::nuzzle::
Rodney: Nuh-uuuuuhhhhhh
John: ::big smile, kisses:: so, food for all three of us, then?
Courtknee: Yeah-huuuuuuhhhh
Summer: ::nodnod:: Yes, then we can check with Carson and see what his tests uncovered...
John: ::nodnod, pet:: Sounds good.. ::nuzzle:: He'll probably just tell us our baby's special...
Rodney: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo
Rodney: Nope nope nope
Summer: ::grin:: Well, take that from the file marked Duh...
Courtknee: ::narrows eyes:: Yes.
John: ::grin, rolls eyes:: Fine, fine, sorry.. ;:kisses, goes to find his clothes::
Rodney: ::sneer:: No.
Courtknee: ::glare:: Yes.
Summer: ::rolls eyes, hops out of bed, makes with getting dressed::
John: ::Dressed, fixes his slut hair:: Ready, baby?
Rodney: ::uber glare:: No.
Courtknee: ::growl:: Yes!
Summer: ::nodnod, doesn't fix "freshly fucked hair":: Yep!
John: ::smirks at her, kiss, handsqueeze:: I think I need muffins... and coffee... are there muffins? ::starts off for commissary::
Rodney: ::snarl:: Nooo.
Courtknee: ::pout, wibble::....yes...
Summer: ::blink, handsqueeze, small shrug:: Dunno, hope so, cuz I crave them now... damn you.
John: ::smirk:: Sorry... thought you had the buttermilk thing...
Rodney: ::blink:: okay...
Courtknee: ::beams:: I win!
Summer: I'm pregnant, they'll be lots of *things*...
Rodney: ::smirk:: Yes, you do... ::kiss::
John: ::nod:: ahh... I'll be sure to keep a mental note...::gets to commissary woo::
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss:: I always win.
Rodney: ::nuzzle!kiss:: And you always shall...
Courtknee: ::smile, nod:: Damn straight. ::sees Summer and John, frown::
Summer: ::arm cling:: You do that babe... ::sees Court, tiny wave::
Courtknee: ::glare, looks down at table;: I think we should go now, Rodney...
John; ::oblivious:: I need coffee, for sure... lack of sleep, I think...
Summer: ::frown:: Shit...
Rodney: ::blink:: What's wrong baby?
John: ::blink, headtilt:: What?
Courtknee: ::sighs, frown:: they're here.
Summer: ::sigh:: She's pissed... be back in a sec, gotta apologize...
Rodney: ::headtilt:: *they*?
Courtknee: ::frown:: Yes, can we just go please?
Summer: ::skitters over:: I'm sorry... I'm soooo sorry....
Rodney: ::makes a face:: Too late...
John: ::frown, follows her over::
Courtknee: ::glare;: You're sorry?
Rodney: ::headtable::
Summer: ::nods:: Yes...
Courtknee: ::frown:: You missed my wedding
Summer: ::sheepish:: I know... I didn't mean to...
Courtknee: ::glare:: I'm sure you didn't mean to. What the hell kind of friend ditches their best friend's wedding? A very bad one.
Summer: ::uber frown:: I didn't ditch it... I over slept... the alarm never went off...
Courtknee: ::glare:: I'm sure it did. ::stands up, looks at Rodney:: I'm going, you can stay if you want. ::leaves omg::
John: ::blink::
Rodney: ::gets up, uber death glare, follows omg::
Summer: ::wibble, sniffle::
John: ::frown:: crap..
Courtknee: ::hurries back to own room, hides under covers::
Summer: ::cry:: she hates me....
Rodney: ::scurries in, hops on bed:: Cooooourt.... c'mon baby... she apologized....
John: ;:frown, pulls her into hug, console:: Oh, baby, I'm sure she doesn't hate you... she's just... pissed at the moment... she'll get over it...
Courtknee: She missed our wedding!
Summer: I missed her wedding! The thing we've been talking about since we we're four years old! She HATES me! ::wail::
Rodney: ::cuddle, console!:: Yes, but you heard, she over slept... it was at dawn... honest mistake?
John: ::cling!console:: Baby, it'll be okay... McKay'll make her happy and she'll forget all about it...
Courtknee: It was our wedding, Rodney! Do you know how long we've been planning my wedding, and she was supposed to be the maid of honour, and she's the only person we got around to even inviting and she didn't come! ::whimper::
Summer: ::cling!:: No it won't... she's like an elephant, she never forgets...
John: ::snuggle:: Well, maybe we can find a way to make it up to her...
Rodney: ::cling!rubs her back, consolement:: Oh sweetheart... she looked honestly sorry to me... I don't think she didn't come just to be spiteful... again I'm gonna have to go with blaming Sheppard...
Summer: ::cling, shaky cry:: Like what? It was her WEDDING...
Courtknee: ::wibble, uber glare:: I hate him.
John: ::blinkblink::...throw her a reception? With kareoke? Kareoke always makes things okay...
Rodney: ::cling!pet:: I know sweetheart, me too...
Courtknee: ::cling:: it's unfair... he's such a whore...
Summer: ::blink, sniffle:: could we really do that? she luffs kareoke
John: ::nodnod:: I'm sure we could... first wedding in Atlantis in, like, a billion years, it's worth a celebration, right? ::smiles reassuringly::
Rodney: ::cling:: he is... no arguement here, he is her boyfriend though, and the father of her child. Think you'll have to get used to him
Courtknee: ::bursts into tears:: It isn't fair!
Summer: ::small smile, cling:: I love you John! ::PDA::
John: I love you too ::w00t!PDA::
Rodney: ::cling!:: Oh sweetie, shhhh... she's still your friend
Courtknee: ::cry!:: she's too bus with him to be anyone's friend...
Summer: ::uber cling:: We'll eat something and then get planning...
John: ::ubercling, pet, kiss:: muffins and coffee...
Rodney: ::snuggle:: Oh honey, just talk to her, go bang on her door till she opens it...
Courtknee: ::buries face in his chest:: *he'll* be there...
Summer: ::kiss, snuggle:: Yes... sounds good...
Rodney: ::uber cling:: Ignore him...
John: ::big smile:: Good! ::kiss, drags her over to get food::
Courtknee: ::cling, sigh:: I hate him...
Summer: ::gets food, yay, sit eat::
Rodney: ::cling, forehead kiss:: I know love, I know
John: ::totally gets his damn muffin and coffee, sits and eats, w00t::
Courtknee: ::snuggle!cling:: I love you, husband...
Summer: ::eat:: I think our baby is gonna be a boy...
Rodney: ::snuggle!nuzzle:: I love you too, wife.
John: ::smiles:: Really? What's that, maternal instinct?
Courtknee: ::sigh, nuzzle!kiss:: sorry I'm ruining the day...
Summer: ::nodnod:: Yup... ::grin, eat::
John: ::smile:: Sweet! ::eat!::
Rodney: ::kiss!pet:: No worries sweetie
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