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Summer: ::puts a dot of icecream on the tip of his adorable nose, licks it off, eyebrow raise, smirk::
John: ::grins, wrinkles nose all cute like::.... you need to tease me now, huh...?
Rodney: ::sigh:: You know this is now gonna needle at me all day, right?
Courtknee: ::nuzzle!pets:: I'm sorry, sweetie... maybe we can just pick one. It can't be that hard...
Summer: ::grin, quick kiss, pet, sucks icecream off the spoon provocatively, nods::
Rodney: ::wanna play some music and see what stirs? ::headtilt::
John: ::nuzzles and gropes, blinkblink::...I forgot whipped cream. ::frown:: Dammit.
Courtknee: ::nodnodnod:: okay... hold on a sec... ::gets out of bed, nekkid still from teh sex, heh, grabs IPod & happy speakers, scurries back and jumped under covered as ish chilly!:: okay... ::pets IPod in lap, puts it on random and hits play...... and then the Sexual Harassment Panda themesong comes on... blink::
Summer: ::smirk, pet:: icecream works... it's sweet and it's... cold... ::"accidentally" drops some on her chin::
Rodney: ::blinkblink, frown::
John: ::grin, licks it off her chin, kissage liek whoa::
Courtknee: errr... ::hits skip, blinks at uber pretty, yet Japanese song::
Summer: ::kissage liek whoa, flicks icecream at him, smirks:: ooops... I made a mess... ::wrinkles nose adorabely::
Rodney: ::blink:: pretty... ummm... what are they singing aboot?
John: ::raises eyebrow:: We can't make a mess... we'll have to clean it up... ::smirk, kissage:
Courtknee: ::blink:: I've no clue. ::skips - Rico Suave::
Summer: ::kissage, pet:: I want you... ::lick!kissage:: now...
John: ::headtilt, nuzzle:: Really... you don't wanna, y'know, clean up, finish the food...? ::::lick!bite!kiss::
Rodney: ::blink, head shake:: we can agree this is a no... right?
Courtknee: ::smirk, nod:: Very much so... ::skip - Crash Into Me::
Summer: Get naked and sex me damn you... ::blink:: wow... that was an odd outburst...
John: ::grins, kiss:: but not an unwelcome one. ::makes nekkid, moves her food out of the way, and makes sex::
Rodney: ::smiles, sings along, uber dork::
Courtknee: ::rolls eyes and wrinkles nose:: nooo no no, stalker song
Summer: ::woooo!makes hard sex::
John: ::shit yeah::
Rodney: ::blink, frown:: fine... next...
Courtknee: ::grin, skips - Clocks:: ehhh...
Rodney: Noooo
Courtknee: ::nodnod, skip, Sweet Caroline... pouts:: This is hard!
Rodney: ::frown:: There must be something!
Summer: ::orgasm!lick!bite!digs nails in his back!sexes harder::
Courtknee: ::frown:: I think I may be lacking in pretty lovey dovey songs, due to my bitterness at my lack of a love life at the time I put the songs on here... ::skips - Song For The Dumped:: Oy, see!?
John: ::uber hard sex, careful of her concussed head::
Rodney: Does your friend maybe have more lovey dovey songs? I've seen her bopping her head to her own little Ipod
Summer: ::fuck!yeah::
Courtknee: ::frown:: I don't want to bother her, they're probably having injured sex.... ::wrinkles nose, skip - God Only Knows. Yay Beach Boys:: Ohhh.
Rodney: ::blink:: That one is nice... not as morbid or destressing as the others...
Summer: ::rolls them over as to be on top, makes hard rough sex, shouting his name loudly::
Courtknee: ::shakes head, small smile:: No... and it's also one of the greatest songs ever written ::nodnod:: It's got potential. ::skips - Should I Stay Or Should I Go::
John: ::w00t, returns name shoutage... loudly, hehe::
Rodney: ::blinks at name shouting, wrinkles nose:: okay... either they're fighting or .... ew, God, she's concussed... if she's well enough to get laid, she should be working... ::blinks:: this song is a definite no.
Courtknee: ::wrinkles nose:: I told you they were having injured sex... aren't you glad I didn't make you go over and borrow her Ipod...? ::raises eyebrow, skips - Mr. Roboto. Bursts into giggles::
Rodney: ::nods, blinks at her:: why is your friend such a slut? How is it you are friends with a girl like that? ::Mr. Tactless::
Courtknee: ::frown:: She's not a slut. ::glare::
Rodney: She's like all over him like all the time, how is she *not* a slut? ::blink::
Courtknee: ::glare:: She's not all over every guy in Atlantis all the time, just him. ::frown:: Be nice to my friend. I only have one, and I'm a little defense...
Rodney: ::blinkblink:: sorry... I wasnt trying to upset you. I'm sure she's very nice, just also very easy it would seem. ::doofus::
Courtknee: ::frown:: She's not. So quit. ::skips - Twisting. small sigh::
Rodney: ::pout:: your intense bitterness worries me...
Courtknee: :;frown:: I'm not bitter!
Summer: ::orgasm! loud moan, cling!::
Rodney: ::blink:: You said you were...
John: ::damn right, cling!nuzzle:: I love you... so damn much...
Courtknee: You're not supposed to say so! That's...mean. ::frown:;
Summer: ::nuzzle, lick!liss:: Love you too... you own my soul... ::kiss!nuzzle!cling!::
John: ::smirk, nuzzle!kiss!snuggle:: Can I get some written documentation on that?
Rodney: ::blink:: Oh sweetie, I'm sorry... foot in mouth disease...
Courtknee: ::wibble:: I don't want to be bitter and worry you...
Summer: ::smirk!kiss!lick!lick!nuzzle!cling!nod:: Sure... anything you want baby... ::cute grin::
Rodney: ::pet, snuggle!kiss:: Oh baby... I'll just have to make sure to make you happy and then no need for bitterness
John: ::smile, kissage liek whoa, lick!bite!snuggle!nuzzle:: Sweet.. I could frame it...
Courtknee: ::snuggle!cling:: You make me happy... except when you insult my friend... ::skip - At My Most Beautiful::
Summer:: ::snuggle!nuzzle!kiss!pet, smile, kiss!:: Coolness... ::lick!kissage liek whoa::
John: ::snuggle!nuzzle!lick!'s your head feel?
Rodney: ::cling!pet, kisses her forehead:: Hey... now this one is nice...
Courtknee: think so? Potential?
Summer: ::smile, kiss:: Not too bad, little dizzy and wonky, but overall fine. ::nuzzle!kiss::
Rodney: ::snuggle!pet:: Definite potential...
John: :snuggle!pet:: You should take it easy for a little while, huh? Dizziness and wonkiness is not good...
Courtknee: ::small smile, skip - Happiness is All The Rage::.... oy, no...
Summer: ::small nod, slides off of him, lays beside him, snuggle!cling:: I suppose... ::kiss:: we could watch my portable DVD player...
John :;raises eyebrow::...we could bring those?
Summer: ::smirk:: I'm friends with Carter... she totally revamped my Ipod and DVD player to be powered up by little naquadah batteries that will like not run out for a hundred plus years... she rocks, she also overlooked my packing more than three personal items... ::cute evil grin:: It pays to make all the little ouchies go away for powerful people...
John: ::blinks at ::blinkblink::...naquadah batteries? Think McKay could hook us up with some of those... just because it sounds cool...?
Rodney: ::odd look:: you have very... unique tase in music...
Courtknee: ::small smile:: I have excellent taste in music, most other peoples' taste in music sucks... ::skip - Wonderwall::
Summer: ::smirk:: I dunno if McKay even knows how... it was a little personal project by Sam... she loves shit like that... ::snuggle::
John: ::pout:: Damn...
Rodney: ::nod:: Got any Neil Diamond?
Courtknee: ::nodnodnod:: somewhere... ::looks around, finds I Am, I Said::
Summer: ::kiss, pet:: Hey we have my batteries... and Court's, maybe Rodney can look at them and figure it out, he's smart... ::nuzzle!pet:: so, wanna watch a DVD?
John: ::grin, long as there are no Hugh Grant flicks. ::nod::
Summer: ::blink, pout:: But I like Hugh Grant... ::sigh:: you don't have any problem with Colin Firth... do you? ::headtilt::
Rodney: ::smiles:: I like Neil Diamond...
John: ::blinks::... I don't think I know who he is.
Courtknee: ::smirk, pet:: He is a genius with quite a bit of chest hair... ::headtilt, raises eyebrow:: You ever never a part of a Neil Diamond tribute band, were you?
Summer: ::kiss:: He's waaay cooler than Hugh Grant... he's adorable. But he's mostly in chick flicks... I have Behind Enemy Lines... Owen Wilson is sex... ::blink::
Rodney: ::shifty eyes:: No... no of course not...
John: ::blink, pout::...jealous now.
Courtknee: ::eyes widen:: You have!
Summer: ::blink:: I'd take you over him any day though... doubt he has the hot ancient gene that makes for the stamina in the bedroom... and you're nose is cuter... ::kiss:: and you're neck is more kissable... ::makes with neck kissage:: And you're a real pilot... ::neck lick!suck::
John: ::smirk:: Well, then... I guess... that's okay... ::headtilt::
Rodney: ::blushes crimson:: Nuh-uh...
Courtknee: ::giggles:: You were tooooooo!
Summer: ::smirk, kiss:: So... DVD... or should we make more sex? ::neck nuzzle!lick!bite:: still dizzy and wonky? Don't lie.
Rodney: I was... not... meany...
Courtknee: ::smirk:: Saving Silverman. I'm calling you Silverman now.
Summer: ::blink:: nooo... ::liar, innocent blink::
John: ::gives her a lie. DVD.
Rodney: ::pout:: Your mocking wounds me...
Courtknee: Awww, sweetie... ::snuggles:: I'm not mocking, I think it's awesome... ::nuzzle:: Everyone loves a Neil Diamond tribute band, there wouldn't have been a movie with a Neil Diamond tribute band in it, otherwise...
Summer: ::pout, sigh:: ok... all that stuff is in my trunk... ::pets::
Rodney: ::snuggle!pet:: I love you... meany... ::small smile::
John: ::pet, forehead!kiss:: I'll go get it... ::hops up, skitters to her trunk and gets portable DVD player and such, scurries back over to bring her said stuff::
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss:: I love you, too... and I'm not mean.
Summer: ::smile. pet:: Thanks baby... sooo.. wanna look through my DVD's and pick one you think you'll enjoy? ::nuzzle::
John: ::pet:: Nah, you're the injured one, your choice... ::smirk::
Rodney: ::smirk:: you are too... but it's cute... ::kiss:: unlike mine, which is just annoying and inspires hatred...
Courtknee: ::pets, wrinkles nose a bit:: it hurts feelings, love... ::nuzzle:: But it's okay, I still love you.
Summer: ::picks up "Original Sin" as it has naked Angelina Jolie and Antonio Bandaras having graphic secks, smirks:: Here we go...
John: ::headtilt, smirk:: Ohhh
Rodney: ::nod:: I suppose... so which song did you like best my love?
Courtknee: ::grin:: We, like, have a billion more to go, y'know...
Summer: ::grins, kisses, puts sexy movie into DVD player, snuggles up with him and pushes play:: There's lots of nakedness in this... I do so enjoy it...
Rodney: ::smiles, kisses:: well... next then... ::nuzzles::
John: just gonna want to have sex again, y'know... and then you'll get dizzy...
Courtknee: ::smile, skip - The Luckiest, because omfgomfgomfg::
Summer: ::cute grin:: Well, you can be on top... less dizziness as you're doing all the work...
Rodney: ::blink:: I like... you like?
John: ::grin, nuzzles:: Sounds okay, then...
Courtknee: ::big smile, nodnodnodnod::
Summer: ::smirk, snuggle:: sweet... ::watches uber hot sex scene:: are my breasts as nice as Anglelina Jolie's? ::headtilt::
John: ::big grin, nuzzles:: nicer... hers are overshadowed anyway by her freakishly large lips...
Rodney: Soooo, we'll call this one our song?
Courtknee: ::nodnod:: Yes, I think so...::happy sigh, snuggles:: Perfect.
Summer: Good answer... ::kissage liek whoa::
Rodney: ::snuggle!nuzzle!kiss:: Sweet! ::frown:: and I'm back to channeling Sheppard... ::wrinkles nose::
John: ::grin, uber kissage, grope::
Courtknee: ::giggle, kiss:: I love you, Silverman.
Summer: ::grope!lick!uber deep hot kissage, naughty touching::
John: ::smirk, kiss!lick!grope, climbs on top, makes nice, not too rough sex... fears hurting her omg::
Rodney: ::smirk, headshake, kissage liek whoa::
Courtknee: ::kissage liek whoa, pet:: Sing me Neil Diamond!
Summer: ::moans, enjoys, lots of hot kisses and gropeage::
John: ::w00t::
Rodney: ::blinks, sighs:: Aw come on....
Courtknee: ::pout:: plleeeeaaaasssseeee?
Rodney: ::can't resist pout:: oh fine... ::sings Heartlight omfg!::
Courtknee: ::beams and snuggles... neck suckage::
Rodney: ::kisses liek whoa:: see how much I love you...
Courtknee: ::kissage liek whoa, nodnod:: yes, and it's much appreciated...
Summer: ::orgasm!gets a little rougher, heh::
John: ::w00t, goes with the getting rougher, but continues to be cautious of her head::
Rodney: ::smile, tip of nose kiss:: and we'll be married soon...
Courtknee: ::beams, snuggles:: We will be! Less than 24 hours now...
Rodney: Your friend know when and all that? ::headtilt::
Courtknee: ::blink:: I think I told her... but not entirely sure... I can go over later and remind her... ::nuzzles::
Rodney: ::smile, kissage liek whoa:: okay... ::wanna make love sweetie?
Courtknee: ::beams, kissage:: yes. I do.
Rodney: ::big smile, kissage, makes with the nekkidness and sweet, sweet love::
Courtknee: ::yaaaay::
Summer: ::orgasm!cling!kiss:: God... I love you...
John: ::Cling!kissage!pet:: I love you, too... ::nuzzle!kiss::...dizzy?
Summer: No... sleepy though... ::cute little yawn, snuggle::
John: ::nodnod, pet:: Okay... but, I'm staying awake this time... and I'll be waking you up very soon...
Summer: ::smile, kiss:: thank you baby... you're so good to me ::snuggle, shuts eyes, doze::
John: ::smile, snuggle!pet, forehead!kiss:: love you, babe...
Summer: wuvwutoo... ::snuggle!sleep::
John: ::snuggles, grabs DVD player, turns volume down low and watches more of movie, petpet::
Rodney: ::dun teh orgasm, cling, nuzzle!kiss::
Courtknee: ::w00t! cling!snuggle:: I love you...
Rodney: ::snuggle!cling!pet!kiss:: I love you too... soon to be Mrs. McKay...
Courtknee: ::beams, kissage:: Mrs. McKay... people are going to call me that now... and then everyone'll know I'm yours! ::nuzzle::
Rodney: ::beaming grin, kissage:: That's the plan... I should put a little rubbar stam across your forehead each morning, 'Property of Dr. Rodney McKay, touch and die...' ::smirk, kiss::
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss:: yes, and I'd be damn proud of that stamp.
Rodney: ::kiss, snuggle, kiss:: Have I said I love you today?
Courtknee: ::kiss, smile:: Yes, but please continue...
Rodney: I LOVE YOU!
Courtknee: ::giggles, kiss:: I think someone in the jumper bay might not have heard that...
Summer: ::shift, mumble!whimper in sleep:: yousaidyoulovedmehowcan you just leave? ::whimper::
John: ::blinkblink... frown::...Sum...? ::pet::
Rodney: ::smirk:: Good, then everyone knows it... I could shout it from the rooftops..
Courtknee: ::shakes head, snuggle:: noo no, Atlantis rooftops are scary... you could always get on the comm and say it... ::smirk::
Summer: ::whimper:: ...please... justtellmewhatIdidwrong...
John: ::uber frown, shakes her a little::...Summer? Wake up, sweetie...
Rodney: ::smirk:: Dr. Weir might take issue with that... but I could risk her wrath... ::kiss::
Summer: ::blinkblink:: hmm?
John: ::petpet:: Are you alright?
Courtknee: ::snuggle:: I love you so much...
Summer: ::blink:: Huh? ::headtilt::
John: You were talking... in your sleep... ::uberfrown::... and whimpering... it didn't sound good...
Rodney: ::snuggle!smile:: I am so very lucky for that, believe me, I am well aware of that... ::kissage::
Courtknee: ::smile, nuzzle:: I love you more than anything... I love you more than tea, and Bono, and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and snack packs...
Summer: ::blink, frown:: I was...? ::wrinkles nose, sad look:: exactly what did I say?
John: ::uber frown:: 'you said you loved me... how can you just leave'... asking what you did wrong.. ::frown::... are you okay? ::pets, uber concern::
Rodney: ::blinkblink:: wow... I feel really damn special now... careful, might make my ego skyrocket... ::grin, kisses::
Courtknee: ::smirk:: more than Bono is the uber compliment... you didn't see the pamphlet I made in high school around the fictional religion of Bonotheism... ::kiss::
Summer: ::frown, looks down:: I was dreaming about when Jonas left, but instead of Jonas it was you... ::uber frown:: You said you changed your mind and were walking away.... ::shaky cry breath:: It sucked...
John: ::frown, pets:: Oh, sweetie... nooo no no... ::cuddles and holds her, console:: I'm not going to do that... don't dream about it, because it's not going to happen... ::kiss::
Rodney: ::raises eyebrow:: Bonotheism? ... huh. ::pets:: You'll explain this to me one day? ::headtilt, snuggle::
Courtknee: ::giggle, snuggle:: He is godlike...
Summer: ::sniffle!cling:: you don't know... you could change your mind... meet someone smarter, or prettier... less clingy and basketcaseish than me... could happen...
Rodney: ::blinkblink:: Ooookay... if you say so love... ::blink:: does that make me Godlike, since you love me more? ::headtilt, thoughtful look::
John: ::snuggles:: I don't think anyone prettier exists, and your plenty smart, smarter than me... ::kiss!pet:: I love you... clingy basketcase or not, you're a wonderful girl and I love you. I'm not going to leave you.
Courtknee: ::giggle, kiss:: If you'd like to believe that, but I'd have to see you singing Where the Streets Have No Name on a rooftop first to confirm...
Summer: ::snuggle!cling:: I love you... just don't think I'd recover if you didn't love me... I don't think I can go through something that painful ever again... ::uber!cling::
John: ::uber!cling, snuggle, console:: Don't worry about it, you won't need to... ::nuzzle:: I think you might be stuck with me...
Rodney: ::chuckle:: Yeah, think I'll let Bono keep his God status... ::snuggle!kiss:: I've got you, he doesn't, that's all I need...
Courtknee: ::snuggle!nuzzle:: You do have me, always will.. ::kiss:: I'm gonna be your mrs.
Summer: ::smiles a little, kiss:: I like the idea of being stuck with you... it's a very appealing idea...
John: ::smirk:: It's kinda like Huey Lewis... ::headtilt:: except... not. :;small frown:: Because.... that song is more about... y'know, settling for what you get... ::blinkblinkblink:: Okay, let's pretend I didn't say that, because I kindof forgot what the song was about and then I remembered halfway through the statement and now I'm rambling... ::blinkblink::
Rodney: ::kissage liek whoa:: And I am the happiest man in this galaxy because of that... ::snuggle!pet::
Courtknee: ::kiss:: Y'know, I'm kinda sad though... No family gets to see me get married...
Summer: ::blinkblink:: ummm... ooookay... ::smirk, pet:: love you dork face... ::kiss::
John: ::big smile, kissage:: I love you, too... and I'm sorry I'm a confusing dork...
Rodney: ::snuggle:: Oh... yeah, I mean, I hate my family, so no big loss for me... but I guess kinda a downer for you, huh?
Summer: ::nuzzle!kiss:: It's ok baby, you're a sweet confusing dork... and I wouldn't change who you are for anything... I love you the way you are...
Courtknee: ::small pout, nod:: My daddy was supposed to walk me down the isle in a Darth Vader costume... that was how I pictured it... me with the donuts on my head, daddy with a cape and big funny helmet, groom in the european vest... ::small sigh::
John: ::smile, kiss:: I'm glad. And I don't want you to be paranoid of me leaving you. This Jonas guy was a jerk, don't blame yourself for what happened there... you're better off without him. And I'm better off with you. ::kiss::
Rodney: ::small snort, chest heaving a little, trying not to laugh at the picture of that:: I'm... sorry... ::cough::
Courtknee: ::small smile, pet:: You must remember the Star Wars fantasy I had... the entire wedding party was to be dressed as Storm Troopers and we were to be married by Obi-Wan... ::blink::
Summer: ::kiss, tight snuggle:: I love you John... you and our little unexpected surprise... ::pats her tummy:: I am better off, much. ::kissage::
Rodney: ::cant help but bust out in a giggle fit:: I'm sorry... it's just... too funny and cute...
John: ::big smile, kisses, puts a hand on her tummy:: We're gonna be a little family... ::headtilt:: my weird fear of marriage is sortof stupid when I look at it like that....
Courtknee: ::small mock pout:: you mock me.
Summer: ::sweet soft kiss, puts her hand on top of his:: You and me and baby makes three... ::happy sigh:: It'll be so great... our own little family...
Rodney: ::pet, kiss:: I mock because I love... ::nuzzle::
John: ::smile, pet, kiss:: And maybe... y'know... a marriage in there... ::headtilt::
Courtknee: ::smile, snuggle!nuzzle:: I know...
Summer: ::smiles, kisses:: A marriage would be nice... then our child won't grow up a "bastard" like his Mom... ::wrinkles nose:: Such an ugly word... and an ugly feeling too...
Rodney: ::nuzzle!kissage liek whoa:: so, think it's safe to go inform your friend of wedding details? ::nuzzle, headtilt::
John: ::pets, kiss:: I don't like that word... ::nuzzle:: You're amazing...
Courtknee: ::small pout:: but I'm so comfy and naked... ::snuggle!cling::
Summer: ::kiss!nuzzle:: You're pretty amazing yourself... ::nuzzle!pet:: Y'know... we're like gonna have the first baby born in Atlantis in a really loooooong time... how cool is that?
John: ::headtilt, smile::...hey, yeah, wow. He is going to be super special... first true Atlantian in, like, 10 million years... ::blink::...or she will be.
Rodney: ::smiles, kisses, nuzzle, wiggles eyebrows:: Yes, you are... and I'm all comfy too... ::nuzzle:: And y'know, I bet they're all cozy and naked to and I'd rather not see that...
Courtknee: ::smile, nuzzle!kiss:: yes, the naked and comfy is a nice way to be... we are going to be skipping work all the time now...
Summer: ::beam, kissage:: It's awesome, go us... ::nuzzle, kiss, naughty pet::
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