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Courtknee: ::uh, sex!::
Summer: ::snuggle!sniggle!cling:: I'll be all right... ::tries for the brave face::
Rodney: ::SEX!::
John: ::big doofy, smiles and kisses her:: Of course you will.
Courtknee: ::orgasm!cling::
Rodney: ::oh yeah!::
Courtknee: ::nuzzles, neck suckage::
Summer: ::swallows her feelings cause we all know how healthy that is, small smile:: So, you still want to... y'know...?
John: ::kisses:: If you're not in the mood for it, that's fine... ::pet:: I just want you to feel better.
Rodney: ::happy sigh:: Mmmm... I love you... ::snuggle!pet::
Courtknee: ::nibbles ear:: You're amazing...
Summer: ::blink:: so... you don't want to? ::blink::
John: ::pets:: I do, but you just yelled at me that you didn't... ::blink:: do you now? ::headtilt::
Rodney: ::snuggle!cling:: Not as amazing as you are...
Courtknee: ::giggles, lick!kisses down his chest::
Summer: ::blink:: We made up... there's supposed to be make up sex...
John: ::blink:: oh... so... you want sex now? ::smirk::
Rodney: ::wiggles a little:: Mmmm.. what'cha doin..?
Summer: ::blink, pout:: Duh... yes!
Courtknee: ::;giggles again, comes back up and presses nose against his:: Nothin'.
John: ::grin, pet:: You're adorable when you pout, y'know... ::kissage::
Rodney: ::blink:: Tease... ::smirk::
Courtknee: ::kisses, smile:: Yep! ::snuggles::
Summer: ::kissage:: So... ya gonna do me? ::lick!kiss::
John: :kissage liek whoa:: as much as you'd like... ::proceed with making the nekkidness::
Rodney: ::smirk, kiss:: Meany...
Courtknee: ::giggles more, nuzzle:: I love you...
Summer: ::also proceeds with making nekkidness, kissage!grope::
Rodney: ::nuzzle!kissage:: love you more...
John: ::kissage liek whoa, makes nice soft lovin::
Summer: ::yay!::
Courtknee: ::kiss:: I'm not going to argue with you, I'm too busy basking in the glow of you. ::smirk, kiss::...and your sex.
Rodney: ::blink:: um, ok... ::blinkblink::
Courtknee: ::laugh, wiggles against him a little:: So, how are you feeling today, Dr. McKay?
Summer: ::orgasm! makes more soft sweet love, looking in his eyes inbetween kisses::
John: ::yay sweet love!::
Rodney: ::smiles:: I am amazingly well my shiny girl...
Courtknee: ::nuzzles:: work time yet?
Rodney: ::looks at his watch:: almost...
Courtknee: ::grabs his arm and looks at his watch, pout:: damn.
Rodney: ::pets:: Is it absolutely necessary that you work today?
Summer: ::orgasm!cling!kissage liek whoa::
John: ::indeedy, snuggle!kissage:: You okay?
Courtknee: ::snuggles, nod:: I'm supposed to work... don't you have stuff to do?
Summer: ::slow nod:: uh-huh... ::small smile::
John: ::smile, pets, looks in her eyes:: I love you... ::kiss::
Rodney: ::nod:: a few things, nothing of utmost importance, Sheppard's off another day cause of the neck thing...
Courtknee: ::cling!nuzzle:: ...maybe we can blow stuff off...?
Summer: ::smile, kiss:: I love you too... ::cheek pet::
Rodney: ::grin, kisses, snuggle!:: ...sounds good to me, besides, Summer can handle it, right?
John: ::nuzzle!kisses:: you feel any better? Your head feel okay?
Courtknee: ::smile!snuggle:: She usually does anywhere, whether I'm there or not...
Summer: a little... still feel sortof wonky... ::pet, nuzzle!kiss::
John: ::pet, small frown:: Wonky how?
Rodney: ::pet, snuggle, nuzzle:: you're way too hard on yourself...
Courtknee: ::nuzzle:: I'm not.. I know I'm crap at my job... remember your shoulder? ::raises eyebrow at him::
Summer: ::blink:: I dunno, head swimming a little... sometimes I can see two of you... which is pretty and sortof a turn on, but still wonky...
John: ::frown:: You should probably rest... but, no sleeping... ::headtilt::
Rodney: ::small grimace at the memory:: Ah... yeah... you're shiny though... ::pets::
Courtknee: ::smirk:: yes, but see, I *do* suck at my job.
Summer: No sleeping... right... you sound like you're going somewhere... ::headtilt::
John: I do? I was just reminding you no sleeping... ::headtilt:: because, rest usually means sleeping...
Rodney: Fair enough, but it's ok, you make up for it with you're bubbly personality and shininess and having Summer to fix it and make it all better... ::nuzzle!kiss::
Courtknee: ::headtilt::...I'm bubbly?
Summer: ::blink:: Oh... yeah, true. But, I am allowed to sleep baby... just not alot... ::blink, sleepy yawn::
John: ::small frown:: What if I fall sleep? What if you don't wake up in time?
Rodney: ::raises eyebrow at her:: Yeah... you're very bubbly... perky even... ::grin, kiss::
Summer: Set the alarm..? ::headtilt::
Courtknee: ::small frown:: people think I'm annoying, don't they...
John: ::blink::.......I should have thought of that. ::doofy grin, sets the alarm for in 25 minutes, snuggles:: I love you, you're so smart...
Rodney: ::blink, pet, snuggle:: Pfffft... no... ::kiss::
Courtknee: ::snuggles:: Yeah-huh... no one likes a perky person, perkiness gets on peoples' nerves... which explains why I only have one friend...
Summer: ::small giggle:: which of us has the head injury? ::snuggle!nuzzle!kiss:: I love you too baby... ::doze::
John: ::snuggles and pets, kisses forehead gently:: sleep well... but only for a little while...
Rodney: ::snuggle, kiss:: you are not annoying, I hate annoying people, so trust me, you... soo not annoying....
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss:: You're the coolest.
Summer: ::smile, nuzzle, cling:: mmmhmmm... ::out like a light::
John: ::snuggles and dozes::
Rodney: ::smirk, kiss:: Aboot damn time somebody realized that... ::kissage liek whoa:: Soo... breakfast?
Courtknee: ::kissage liek whoa:: mmm... yes please.
Rodney: ::smile, kissage, nuzzle!:: want to come, or should I bring something back?
Courtknee: ::smiles:: Breakfast in bed...?
Rodney: ::smile, kiss:: I can do that! ::nuzzle, kiss, pet, gets up makes with getting dressed:: So, what sounds good to you baby?
Courtknee: ::smiles, watches him get dressed::.... anything, I'm super hungry, just grab whatever looks good to you... ::headtilt::...and also some tea
Rodney: Regular tea or that brisk Athosian stuff?
Courtknee: regular, if it's available. ::big sweet smile::
Rodney: ::scurries back over, kiss:: You got it babe... ::smiles, scurries to commissary!::
Courtknee: ::snuggles into bed, happies!::
Carson: ::in commissary, half asleep over a coffee and a half-eaten muffin... hates having to get up earlier than normal...::
Summer: ::sleep, and dorkus set alarm for PM not AM, haha::
Rodney: ::blinks at Carson, small wave::
Carson: ::blinks up at Rodney, frown::
John: ::sleep, oblivious::
Rodney: ::makes a big issue with commissary folk about making a cake and some Earth tea, is told 5 minutes for it to brew, booya, heads over to Carson's table and sits:: Sooo... what has you looking so bright eyed and bushy tailed?
Carson: ::looks up at him... blink... blink::.....huh?
Rodney: Your labcoat is insideout, your hair is looking like Sheppard's... and you're scowling like me... soooo, what's got your dander up today?
Carson: ::blink, sigh:: woke up too early... Summer... fell, had a concussion...
Rodney: ::blink:: She's working though, right? ::jerk::
Carson: ::blink... gives him a "you're a douche" look::...No.
Rodney: ::frown:: Huh, damnit... so, early morning... why don't you just go back to bed?
Carson: ::glare:: I can't fall back asleep once I'm already up...
Rodney: ::blink:: ...what's the glare for? I thought we were y'know, past the uncomfortableness... ::blinks::
Carson: ......we're not past anything, Rodney. ::glare::
Rodney: ::blink, frown:: Oh... sorry... I thought, y'know the air had been cleared and such.... my mistake ::looks around all awkward::
Carson: ::small sigh:: You would think that, wouldn't you...?
Rodney: ::nodnod:: So, you gonna glare at me for y'know... like the rest of our time here?
Carson: Very possibly. ::drinks some coffee::
Rodney: Just cause I love a woman? ::headtilt, stare::
Carson: And also because you're one of the most dense people I've ever met. ::bitter smile::
John: ::wakes up 7 minutes after the alarm was supposed to go off... 32 minutes!!!! blinks at clock, frown, sits up and gently shakes Summer:: Summer...?
Rodney: ::blinkblink:: Uhhhh...
Carson: ::nodnod:: Right, see? Are you going to leave yet or do I need to go before you take the hint?
Summer: ::stirs a little, bats at him, sleep!::
John: ::frown, poke poke, shake:: Summer!!! You're not supposed to sleep this long, the alarm is stupid!
Rodney: ::frown, pout:: Fine, fine... I'm going, you tempermental Scottsman... ::gets up and goes to pester commissary staff::
Carson: ::headtable::
Summer: ::mumbles:: sleeeeeeeepy.... hmmmmmmph... ::flails an arm at him::
Rodney: ::gets food, tea and the promise of cake, scurries back to see his shiny Courtknee:: Hi you....
John: ::frown, sits her up a bit:: Summer, wake up! Pleeeeaaaasssseeee
Courtknee: ::totally asleep now, heh::
Courtknee: ::....ohh, and cuddling her stuffed octopus, because awww::
Summer: ::blink, pout:: Johnny... I sleepy.... ::closes eyes, wrinkles nose all cute::
John: ::small smile, pet:: I know, but you've been asleep for longer than 30 minutes... you're not allowed to go into a coma...
Rodney: ::comes in, sets the tray on the side table I say is there, sits on edge of bed, shakes her gently:: Sweetie... time to wake up... hot food and tea here for you....
Courtknee: :::rolls around and looks up at him, blinkblink::....hi.
Summer: ::pout:: so... very, very tired... ::pets his pretty hair::
Rodney: ::smile:: hi... uhhh, Summer's, ummm, not able to work today... ::petpet::
John: ::frown:: No. What the hell am I supposed to say to your friend when you can't go to her wedding because you're in a coma?
Courtknee: ::blink, frown::.....why the hell not!?
Summer: ::frown, pout:: No... no coma... sleeeeeep... there's a difference... silly face... ::groggy liek whoa::
John: Yes, but right now sleep can make coma, and comas are bad, therefore sleep is bad...
Rodney: She has a concussion... ::wild hand gesture:: Carson took her off work...
Courtknee: ::frown:: She's concussed!?
Summer: ...but I like sleep ::frown, wobbles::
John: ::snuggles:: So do I, but we don't like comas...
Rodney: ::nodnod:: It would seem so... Carson said she fell or something ::shrug, pet::
Summer: ::snuggle, cling:: Can I have food then?
Courtknee: ::blink...blink:: what the HELL kind of sex are those two having!?
John: ::nodnod, forehead!kiss:: Anything you want, as long as you don't sleep.
Rodney: ::blinkblink, pulls a face:: That I do *not* want to know... ever...
Courtknee: ::uber pout:: I don't want to go to work now... I'm all snuggly comfy and you brought me food...
Summer: ::nodnod:: No sleep...::nod:: promise, food please? ::cute look::
John: ::nodnod:: Of course, my love. ::kisses:: What would you like?
Rodney: so don't go... what can anyone do? ::headtilt::
Courtknee: ::blink:: Yell at me... ::frown:: I don't like being yelled at...
Summer: Eggs would be nice... and tea, ooooh and TOAST omfg, your baby wants toast! ::blink, doffy smile::
John: ::big smile:: Eggs.. tea... and toast... ::nodnodnod:: Right, okay, that all?
Rodney: Who'd yell at you? ::blink::
Courtknee: ::pout:: Dr. Beckett... Dr. Weir... anyone who needed my services that I would hence be failing to provide... ::blink::
Summer: ::thoughtful look:: Oooooooh... eggsalad sandwich on TOAST!!! and a pickle... and the tea... not the funky Athosian junk either... it's bleeech
Rodney: ::frown:: I could spend the day with you in your office...
Courtknee: ::uber pout:: i wanted to spend it with you here... all snuggly and comfy and lazy...
John: ::blink:: Eggs... tea... toast... eggsalad toast sandwich... a pickle... ::blinkblink::
Rodney: I'm telling you... blow it off... no one is gonna yell, and if they do tell them to yell at me... ::petpet, nuzzle::
Summer: ::blink:: nonono... just eggsalad on toast, a pickle and tea... and ask if they have icecream... icecream would be super... or pudding!
Courtknee: ::sigh, snuggles:: I love you...
John: ::blinkblink::....any kind of ice cream or pudding?
Rodney: ::snuggle!cling:: I love you...
Courtknee: ::resolve face:: I'm staying here. Fuck working.
Summer: chocolate preferably... but anything... except tapioca, cause that's just nasty ::wrinkles nose::
Rodney: ::kiss!:: That's my girl! ::snuggle:: so, I got food and the promise of cake for our wedding reception...
John: ::nodnod:: eggsalad sandwich on toast, a pickle, tea, ice cream and/or pudding, not tapioca...
Courtknee: ::blink:: we have a reception? We didn't even invite anyone... there will be four of us...
Summer: ::nods, grabs and kisses liek whoa:: Yep... oh and whipped cream... for uh... the sex to follow
John: ::kissage liek whoa, grins:: Alright... I can remember all of that...
Rodney: ::nods:: Well... we need cake, cause... I want it... damnit...
Courtknee: ::nodnod, eats:: No argument there, I like cake... but still, we don't really have any kind of reception...
Summer: thank you baby... I love you... ::nuzzle, kiss::
John: ::smile, kiss, goes over to get dressed, keeps repeating her order to himself to remember it...::
Rodney: ::sigh:: well... we'll just make believe we do... I'll make the underlings come along or something...
Courtknee: ::grin, kissage:: We dance?
Summer: ::grins all cute watching him, loves looking at his sexy body omg::
John: ::dressed, runs over and kisses:: Back in flash, okay? No sleeping.
Rodney: ::nodnod:: I'm a terrible dancer, but sure, what the heck ::kissage::
Summer: ::nodnod:: Roght, no sleeping... ::smiles cutely::
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss, goes and eats:: Me either, we'll be awesome.
John: ::smile, scurries off to commissary::
Rodney: ::smirk, kiss:: we will be... totally.
Summer: ::totally goes to sleep::
Liz: ::in commissary, looks up, sighs, looks back at coffee::
Courtknee: ::smile, eats happily::
John: ::sees Liz, frown, proceeds in getting all Summer's wacky food for her... frowns at 5 minute wait for tea... stands around awkwardly::
Rodney: ::strips down to the boxers and tshirt and gets into bed, so not going to bother with work either, haha::
Courtknee: ::smile, eats::
Liz: ::walks over to get more coffee, sideways look:: I hear your *girlfriend* took a tumble this morning...
John: ::blinks::...yeah, she did... ::frown::
Rodney: ::lays down, proceeds to doze, the schmuck::
Liz: And I trust everything is all right with the baby? ::fake concern::
Courtknee: ::snuggles, continues eating because omfg hungry::
John: ::blink....frown::...I think so...
Liz: Huh... would have thought you'd make sure, guess you're not so atached to the kid yet, hm?
John: ::uber too.
Rodney: ::snuggle!cling, doze::
Courtknee: ::smile, finishes eating, sets tea and such aside, snuggle!pets and hums::
Liz: Right... cause you're so the paternal type... ::mean::
John: ::frown, looks to see if commissary guys are done with tea yet, impatient too.
Rodney: what'cha hummin?
Courtknee: ::pets:: a U2 song...
Liz: Oh John, you're such a child yourself... you really think you're gonna be able to handle being a father...?
John: I will!
Liz: ::sips coffee:: Sure you will... I give it four months before you freak out and look for a way to escape...
Rodney: ::blink:: which one?
John: ::uber frown, takes tea when it finally comes, gathers up all the food and blinks at Liz::....quit being mean to me because you want to have sex with me! ::scurries away as fast as he can without spilling things::
Courtknee: ::headtilt::...The Hands That Built America. ::blink:: Why?
Liz: ::drops coffee and scurries away as people stare::
Rodney: Sounds pretty... hum more please...
Summer: ::sleep!::
John: ::scurries back to room, sees Summer sleeping omfg!!!!! sets food down and goes over and shakes her a little:: Summer! Noooo!!!
Courtknee: ::smile, pet, continues to hum::
Summer: ::wrinkles nose, blinks:: whu?
Rodney: ::snuggle, nuzzle::
John: ::relief! sighs:: No sleeping, remember!? I brought you food... plus, ice cream AND pudding!
Courtknee: ::nuzzle, pet, kisses:: you gonna fall asleep on me, baby?
Summer: ::sleepy ditzy grin, sits up:: I love you so much!
John: ::small smile, kisses:: I love you, too, sweetheart... :;goes over and brings her her food:: Here you go... nice, not Athosian tea...
Rodney: ::blink, pet:: I'm trying not to...
Summer: ::big grin, sips tea:: You rule... ::sets tea down, eat!::
Courtknee: ::mock pout, pets:: Am I boring you...?
Rodney: ::blink:: No... never ever... ::nuzzle!kiss::
John: ::sits up on bed next to her, small smile, watches her eat:: so... this concussion thing... ::headtilt, scratches the back of his head:: ...would it have hurt the baby? I mean, we should get that checked out, shouldn't we...? [02:09] Courtknee18u2: ::snuggle!nuzzle:: Do you sing? I bet you can sing.
Summer: ::blink, headtilt:: I don't think it would effect the baby... I mean Dr. Beckett is a competant doctor... I'm sure he checked everything, he wouldn't have let me go if there was a problem... ::pet:: what made you worry about that sweetheart?
Rodney: A little, I'm not very good... ::eyebrow raise:: why?
John: Dr. Weir was being mean to me again in the commissary, and she mentioned it... I got worried...
Courtknee: ::smile, cuddle;: i want you to sing to me!
Summer: Oh sweetie... ::takes his hand, squeezes:: She's really not so very nice, you shouldn't listen to her.
Rodney: ::blink:: what should I sing..? ::blinks lots::
John: ::frown, squeezes her hand back:: I don't like her so much anymore... but I yelled at her and told her to quit being mean to me because she wants to have sex with me... then I ran away. I'm sure I made a scene and embarassed her...
Courtknee: ::snuggle, big grin:: Anything you'd like, first thing that pops into your head.
Summer: ::giggle!choke::
John: ::grin:: Yeah, so, either she'll leave me alone for, like, the rest of the day...or it will get worse... lots worse...
Rodney: ::thoughtful look:, deep breath: My stupid mouth, has got me in trouble, I said too much again to a date over dinner yesterday, and I could see she was offended, she said "well anyway..." just dying for a subject change...
Courtknee: ::headtilt, snuggle!pets::
Summer: ::wrinkles nose:: She's a bitch... and she can't have you, I'll claw her goddamned buggy eyes out... ::blink::
John: ::smirk:: Really? Sweet! ::kissage::
Rodney: ::snuggle!pet!kisses:: See, I suck...
Courtknee: ::smile, kiss:: I like your voice... you're a good singer...
Summer: ::kissage liek whoa:: Totally... and I'll do the same to Teyla, or anyone else who thinks about sexing you... ::nods::
John: ::blink::...Teyla thinks about sexing me? ::small do you know of that? That's... odd.
Rodney: ::smile, kiss:: Thank you baby... I love you. ::kissage::
Courtknee: ::kissage, smile::...we don't have a song.
Summer: God you're not the sharpest crayon in the box when it comes to women wanting your body are you? ::headtilt, pet::
John: ::small frown::...I guess not. Anyone else I need to be wary and awkward around now?
Rodney: ::blink:: We don't... we should get one.
Courtknee: ::snuggle:: You can't just *get* a song.. something special has to happen with it...
Summer: Um, yeah, the nursing staff... male and female... ::wrinkles nose::
John: ::blink....blink::...are you serious? All of them?
Summer: ::nods:: Uh-huh... sorry babe... they've seen the cute ass, and they want it... ::frown:: whores, the lot of them...
John: ::frown:: I can never get injured now, I'll be all awkward...
Rodney: ::frown:: but... we don't have music playing around here... that should like change the rules or something, shouldn't it? ::blink::
Courtknee: ::frown:: I dunno... I mean, it's kindof awkward to just say, "yeah, we picked this one"...
Summer: ::pet!kiss:: Oh baby, I wont let them touch you... in a sexual inappropriate way... I'll make violence...
John: ::smile, kissage:: I love you... and I trust you to protect my ass... ::headtilt:: Literally, there, it would seem...
Rodney: ::uber frown:: ...but I want a song! ::whine::
Courtknee: ::uber frown:: Me too! So how are we supposed to get a song!?
Summer: ::kissage:: I love you too, and that fine ass of yours is mine, I'll protect it by any means necessary... ::nod, kisses::
John: ::big smile, kissage!pet:: I'm all yours, baby. ::kiss::... you feeling less sleepy now?
Rodney: ::frown:: I DON'T KNOW! I'm very upset now...
Courtknee: ::frown:: This wasn't supposed to upset you that much...
Summer: ::nodnod, kisses:: I needed food, food makes energy and the baby was sucking the energy out of me... ::blink:: I should be all good after icecream... ::grabs icecream, smirks::
Rodney: I've never had a song, and I feel jipped... ::frown::
John: ::smile, pets:: Good... no comas for you...
Courtknee: Me either... ::pets:: I'm sorry...
Summer: ::grins, eats icecream in a very seductive fashion::
John: ::grins at her... snuggles and nuzzles::
Rodney: ::sighs:: it's ok... maybe you could just keep playing your ipod music and something special will happen and we'll have our song...
Courtknee: ::smile, snuggle:: Maybe...
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