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Peter: ::nervous headshake::
Summer: ::kissage!nuzzle!grope:: Uh-huh...
John: ::nuzzle!lick!grope:: no... ::kissage::
Courtknee: ::small pout, puts a hand on his arm:: You'll do great, I know it... in fact, I insist upon it. ::nod::
Summer: ::grope!lick!bite:: yes... ::kissage liek whoa::
John: ::kissage liek whoa!grope!grope!bite::...sure, alright... more sex? ::smirk::
Peter: Fine, but believe me, I'll clear the party out... ::frown::
Courtknee: ::big smile, turns to Rodney:: See?
Summer: ::grin, nuzzle!lick!bite:: Mmmm, sure...
John: ::grin, lick!kiss!!omg::
Summer: ::yay! sexes w/passion::
John: ::w00t!::
Rodney: ::rolls eyes:: Yes honey, I see, go you...
Courtknee: ::giddy!bounces up and kisses him:: I love you!
Rodney: And I love you! ::kissage PDA for Peter's benefit, haha::
Courtknee: ::uber kissage!clingomg::
Rodney: ::cling!pet!kissage liek whoa::
Courtknee: ::Yay!omg!bounce:: we get a reception...
Rodney: ::grin:: We do, and planned by your friend and.... Sheppard... ::blinks lots::
Courtknee: ::giggle!bounce:: I know! It's great! ::kissage!::
Rodney: ::grins:: So, you feel better now? ::nuzzle::
Courtknee: :big smile, nodnodnod, kiss:: Much much much better! ::eyes widen, gasp:: Maybe there will be more cake!
Rodney: ::big grin, nods:: Could be!
Courtknee: ::squeels and bounces!!! cling:: YAY!
Summer: ::orgasm!cling!:: You. are. awesome. ::nuzzle!lick!kiss::
John: ::yay!cling, nuzzle!kiss:: I am... ::kissage:: and you, my love... ::kissage!lick!bite::... totally win in awesomeness
Rodney: ::cling:: So, think maybe you should tell her you do not hate her anymore? ::headtilt, nuzzle::
Courtknee: ::smile, nodnod, cling:: probably...
Summer: ::nuzzle!kiss:: Love you so much... ::pet!cuddle::
John: ::kiss, big smile, super!cuddle:: Love you, too... ::forehead!kiss, pet::
Rodney: ::kissage, grin:: Want me to tag along?
Courtknee: ::cling!kiss:: You must.
Summer: ::uber cuddle:: I'm happy, really seriously happy... it's so nice, can I keep the happy always? ::nuzzle::
Rodney: ::grins, takes her hand:: You got it babe...
John: ::snuggle!nuzzle!kiss:: I intend to keep you happy always... I'm happy when you're happy...
Courtknee: ::smile, handsqueeze, spins around to wave bye to Peter and scurries away back to quarters to bother Summer and Shep::
Summer: ::snuggle, kiss:: Good answer... ::cute grin, tip of nose kiss::
Rodney: ::yes and with the knocking I suppose?::
John: ::kissage!::
Courtknee: ::yay!knockknock::
John: ::frown::
Summer: ::blink:: Who there?!? ::kissage!omg such a slut::
John: ::kissage and naughty touching omg::
Courtknee: ::small pout::... ME!
Summer: ::blink, lick!kiss:: Coming! ::kissage, gets up and puts on robe, skitters to door, opens a crack:: Hi...
John: ::pulls blankets up to cover self sufficiently::
Courtknee: ::headtilt at cracked open door, blink:: Hi.
Summer: Hi ::grin::
Courtknee: ::wave:: having more sex?
Summer: ::blush, nod:: Ummm, yeah, yeah, we were... but we were just cuddling so... wanna come in?
Courtknee: ::smiles:: Sure!
John: ::loud frantic whisper:: Nooooo no no no!!
Summer: ::opens door:: Come in! ::gives John a cute look, blows a kiss::
John: ::crosses his arms over his chest and uber pouts::
Rodney: ::sighs, knows Shep will be an ass::
Courtknee: ::scurries in with husband, blinks at John, smiles at Summer:: so... Hi!
Summer: ::smiles:: Hi! You're talking to me, this is a good sign...
Rodney: ::small finger wave to John::
Courtknee: ::smiles and nods:: Yes... um, we heard that there is going to be a reception tonight... and that you are responsible... and I wanted to say thank you, and that I don't really hate you...
John: ::nods at McKay::
Summer: ::blink, headtilt:: Who told, was supposed to be a surprise... ::blink, small smile:: Glad you don't really hate me, it was actually all Johnny's idea, he wanted to help make it so you wouldn't wish me a slow painful death... ::blink::
Courtknee: ::smirk:: Peter told, we went up to the control room... ::blink:: *John's* idea? ::blinkblink::
John: ::super smug grin::
Summer: ::grin, nodnod:: Yeah, he's a smarty. ::looks at John, crinkles nose all cute, makes a kissy face, looks back at her, beams::
John: ::smirk::
Courtknee: ::blinks at John:: Uh... thanks...
Rodney: ::blinkblink:: Yes, Thank you.
John: ;:nodnodnod:: don't mention it.
Courtknee: ::blink, handsqueeze:: huh... ::blinks back at Summer:: so, you'll deffinately be *there*, right?
Summer: ::nod:: Yes, I shall even sing... ::nods::
Courtknee: ::big smile:: Singing is fun... I think I got Peter to agree to it, poor guy...
Summer: ::blink, smirk:: Awww. He has such a thing for you too, that's sweet... ::blinks, so was not supposed to say that, sekrit omg, since I dun know she knows, heh::
Courtknee: ::blinkblink::....uhhh sure. ::blink:: so, I guess I should let you guys continue your... thing...
Summer: ::blink:: Whu? ...Ohhh the sex... ummm... we're good... no rush, unless you guys are y'know wanting to go do your honeymooning sex thing...
John: ::pulls face::
Courtknee: ::smirk:: yes, I think so... honeymooning sex sounds nice... ::smirks up at Rodney, handsqueeze::
Rodney: ::blushes bright friggen red::
Courtknee: ::smirks at him blushing, giggle omg::
Summer: ::giggle!snort:: sweet... then I suppose we'll all be getting some... ::choke:: just y'know in sepparate rooms, cause otherwise awkward and ewiness...
John: ::pulls a bigger face::
Courtknee: ::giggle, nodnod:: Yes, no same rooms...
Rodney: ::wrinkles nose::
Courtknee: ::leans up and kisses:: come on, baby, let's go make lots of sex, mmkay?
Rodney: ::hard swallow:: um, sure sweetie... ::uncomfortable shift::
Summer: ::giggles at Rodney's awkwardness and squeaky voice::
John: ::big smirk at Rodney's expense::
Courtknee: ::handsqueeze, waves at Summer and John:: Have good sex! ::scurries back down to own quarters with husband::
Summer: ::drops robe, runs and bounces onto the bed, grin:: Hi!
John: ::smirks:: Hi.
Rodney: ::still bright red:: You guys always so open about sex talk?
Courtknee: ::grins at him, shrug:: not really that big a deal between us, I guess, always been a casual topic of conversation...
Summer: ::smirk, nuzzle, tip of nose kiss:: Hey sexy... miss me? ::crinkles nose adorably::
Rodney: Ah... that mean you're gonna tell her what I'm like in bed? ::eyebrow raise, flops on the bed::
John: ::smirk, kisses:: I did... you were all the way over there and I was jealous that I wasn't as close to you as they were... ::headtilt:: but, oddly, felt much better having the distance between them and myself...
Courtknee: It's a girl thing, sweetie. ::sits and pets::
Summer: ::giggles, kisses:: I love you... ya big dork... ::kissage liek whoa::
John: ::uber kissage, gets her on same side of blankets as he is, naughty touching::
Rodney: ::reaches over, knee squeeze:: So, she tells you how good he is, or isn't then? ::pathetic need to compete, hehe::
Courtknee: ::nodnod, nuzzles a little:: mm-hmm, of course...
Summer: ::uber naughty touching, neck suckage::
John: ::groans, naughty touching, makes more sex, heh::
Rodney: ::eyebrow raise:: oh really..? ::grins at nuzzling::
Summer: ::yay, makes hard rough secks::
Courtknee: ::lick!kisses his neck up to his jaw and kisses up to his ear and nibbles:: mm-hmm...
John: ::damn right hard rough secks::
Rodney: ::breathing quickens, closes eyes:: Huh... so... what does she say?
Summer: ::yayness! enjoys omfg::
Courtknee: ::pulls away, frown:: your interest in another man's ability in bed is not a turn on.
Rodney: ::frown:: He's always acts like he's God's gift... just hoping he's not... that's all... ::blink::
Courtknee: ::rolls eyes:: why, planning on bagging Summer or something...?
Rodney: ::blinkblink:: God NO! ::uber frown::
Courtknee: ::sighs and crosses arms over chest:: well, quit.
Rodney: It's a *guy* thing... ::pout:: He makes me feel inadequate... and makes fun of me...
Courtknee: ::frown, scoots over and pets:: I'm sorry... want me to tell Summer all about how great you are...? ::small smile::
Rodney: ::nodnod:: Yes... make shit up if you must... ::pathetic little puppy face::
Courtknee: ::pets and kisses:: No need to make anything up... ::nuzzle!kisses:: You're amazing...
Rodney: ::small smile:: Really?
Courtknee: ::smiles and nods:: Yes, really. You blow anything Summer could say about Sheppard out of the water.
Rodney: ::beams:: Sweet! ::makes with kissage::
Courtknee: ::yay kissage!pet:: No more discussing their activities..
Rodney: ::headshake, kissage!pet:: Nope, no more... ::makes with grabby hands::
Courtknee: ::giggles at grabby hands, kissage:: what happened to you being all red and bashful...? ::smirk, gropes::
Rodney: We're married now... ::grope!uber hot kissage::
Courtknee: ::grin, kiss!lick!grope:: Sounds good to me... ::proceeds to make with the nude and the secks::
Summer: ::sexes harder with more gusto::
John: ::w00t!::
Rodney: ::secks!woo!::
Courtknee: ::yay!::
Summer: ::orgasm, harder, faster, rougher with biting, heh::
John: ::holy eff, why not::
Courtknee: ::nose totally starts bleeding in the middle of sex, uh oh::
Rodney: ::blink, stops:: Holy ... uhhh Court...
Courtknee: ::uber frowns at stopping, whiny noise, blink::
Rodney: Nose.. bleeding again...
Courtknee: ::blinkblink, puts hand to her nose::...shit...
Rodney: ::frown:: You are gonna see Carson... I mean it.
Courtknee: ::shakes head, gets up and scurries into bathroom::
Rodney: ::gets up, follow, uber frown:: This is twice today...
Courtknee: ::shakes hand, pressing a huge wad of toilet paper to her nose:: No.
Rodney: Yes, damnit Court, you have to get it checked.
Courtknee: ::sits down on toilet and shakes head frantically:: no no no no no...
Rodney: Yes, and that is the final word...::stare::
Courtknee: ::starts to cry, keeps shaking her head::
John: ::still hardcore secksing::
Rodney: ::kneels down in front of her, cups her face in his hands:: Sweetheart, please... it's scaring me...
Summer: ::moaning and giving as good as she's getting, go me!::
Courtknee: ::keeps shaking head, big wibble:: I'm okay...
John: ::huzzah for hardcore secksing!::
Rodney: Courtknee... please... ::pleading look::
Courtknee: NO! ::gets up and runs back to bed, hides under covers with tissues still on her nose::
Rodney: ::blink, frown, follows:: Guess I'll have to pull out the big guns... I'll tell Summer...
Courtknee: ::whimpers;: You won't.
Rodney: Yes, I will.
Courtknee: ::peeks out at him, glares:: No you won't.
Rodney: ::frown, nods:: Damnit, I will.
Courtknee: ::most menacing glare she can muster:: No you won't.
Rodney: ::blink:: What is wrong with you?
Courtknee: Nothing is wrong with me, I'm fine!
Rodney: You are not fine... you're acting... weird... and you're bleeding, this is not fine, not normal...
Courtknee: ::growls and hides under covers again:: I'm fine.
Rodney: ::sighs:: Sure... I'll just go tell Summer how fine you are... ::makes with getting dressed::
Courtknee: ::comes back out:: You're not going anywhere.
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